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Author Topic: pike eating duck

saw this on one of the other sites. thats one hungry pike.

another view

oh~ can i say "awesome~!" with this picture?? haha~!

Where did you catch that nice size of pike??

must not lower-mainland.....i guess.......
Louis Vuitton

It is not uncommon for that to happen. My question is though, is whether or not it is a pike or a Muskellunge (Muskie). Muskie are known to take water-fowl right off the surface and I do recall reading on it one time that a Muskie "attacked" (more like took a chomp!) a child who was dangling his fingers in the water off the edge of a floating dock. Muskies (and I'm sure some larger Pike) are known for eating really anything that is appealing to them, including but not limited to: ducks, herons, fish, small animals (mice, lemmings, etc.) and I guess children, lol.

Anyways, those are my two cents. Rad pics by the way!
The Yak

It's most definately a Pike

Hey Louis...why do you pretend to know so much about Muskie and Northerns when you can't even tell the difference between the two?? Pike have white(ish) dots (like the one in the picture does), and Muskie have white(ish) lines as opposed to dots. The difference is pretty clear

I'm not a pike expert myself but i wonder if the fellow still ate the pike after cleaning the duck out of its stomach. the only place in bc pike are known to inhabit is inthe northern reaches of the province and they are recognized as a freshwater sport fish in BC. there are no muskie in BC.
Louis Vuitton

I never said I was an expert. I just stated facts. If you know more about the two of them, why don't you post more info and discuss the thread instead of putting in two rusty cents? Yak was kind about it, he simply stated it was a Pike. Okay, so it's a pike.
The Yak

yep... its a pike... heheheh

good thing he kept it, now he can serve up some pike-ing duck
ohhh i crack myself up
fisher 696

oh nicely said LOL

First I gotta say, Damn that's one old thread.

Actually that is not brutal at all but pretty typical. Pike often take food up to and above 2/3 their size. Their mouth is a bit duck-bill shaped so they can really open up wide. Many die every year from eating things too large to swallow. They are a lot of fun though because they are voracious predator and will take almost anything offered if you find their spot and it moves right.

Fishing forum > pike eating duck


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