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kokanee King

Wayne caught his first lake char ever. We were fishing Deka for Koks but catching to many damn Lakers. Cheers.
The Yak

Nice fish guys!...
Did you C&R or BBQ?
kokanee King

Definatly C&R. I don't like Lakers(even smoked) Plus lakers are very harvest sensitive so we let'em go. Cheers.
The Yak


didnt seem to stop you from
a) the hero shot
b) grabbing the laker in a sensitive area -- the gills. that fish probably died.
stink finger

fisher 696

Louis Vuitton

Holding a fish by the gill PLATE is actually not that bad for the fish. Its more of a protective shield for the sensitive gills. Had he been holding the fishes gills, then maybe something could have been said, but considering the fact that you cannot tell by the picture, and that it seems that he is experienced, I doubt he was actually holding the gills. But yes, holding the fish by the gills can cause damage and internal bleeding, so if any one is going to hold a fish like that, make sure you only hold the plate, and not the actual gills.

-Tight lines
kokanee King

Thank You LV. I was not going to respond.

his fingers are actually inside the gill plate, 95% chance they touched the actual gills which could and probably would seriously harm the fish.

But since you said it was a sensitive fishery and you only catch and release, you would assume you wouldn't even want to incrase the risk to the fish'es health.
kokanee King

Wayne is a guide at a ocean resort near Rivers Inlet(name sliped my mind right now) I am sure he can release fish unharmed, Cheers.




The Yak

I'm going to delete all your posts for now on as some people may find your name offensive.

When you signed up to be part of this forum you aggree to be bound by the terms. Meaning you agree to play by the rules.

Sorry, I'm just not going to let you continue.
kokanee King

I am sure not many will shed any tears over that loss!! Good job Yak.

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