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Wondering if u guys can recommend a place to fix my baitcaster reel, or if you have an idea how to do it myself.
I think the drag system and the actual part you reel in with is not working properly. I don't know exactly what up with it but I'll try and explain: I have to tighten/loosen the drag and then the gold 5 star thingy must be adjusted for the reel to bring in the line. If I adjust anything the slightest either way the whole reel wont bring in line. Its very weird, obviously not working properly.
Its a Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5501cl3
fisher 696

I've taken apart my 6501 & was able to get it back together & it still worked!!! However if you aren't a handyman & don't want to risk pulling it apart, check out Mike's reel repair. I think that they are in Abbotsford.

where do you live. maybe we can recommend someone close by to see it for you.

Mikes reel repair

Go to any fishing store and they will give you information about any reel repair shop. Just go searching.

I live in New West. I'll check out some places.

Fishing forum > Baitcaster reel help


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