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I was on EarthGoogle today and was looking around our city. Looked up the Seymour River, and seen this huge lake at the top of it. Ive lived in Vancouver almost all my life and have no idea what this lake is.
Can somebody tell me if this lake is fishable? And how would I get there as far as roads ect...
fisher 696

The lake in question is indeed connected to the Seymour river.It is very much like the Cap. in that it is manmade and used as a resevoir.To the best of my knowledge access is restricted. I had a friend who worked on the dam doing earthquake proofing and I remember him saying that they were very careful about who was allowed to go there.Also if you check the appropriate boxes, Google Earth will highlight & name all the roads,rivers etc. Go back to google click a few boxes & see what happens.It's probably easier than trying to explain it.Look for Pinetree Way & Pipeline Road.

Wow, thank you very much. Im sure if this is a reservour you arent allowed power boats. lol
The Yak

Its drinking water supply so they dont really let anyone in there unless you have business with someone up there..

Fishing forum > Info please


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