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Hi to everyone,
I would like to try fly fishing. The main target will be coho and pink salmon. From my research I am thinking about 9' 7wt rod but some friends advice me 6wt. What is better.
Thanks for advice.

6wt would work for both fish species, but if I were you I'd go with a single hand 8wt. It's the most versatile rod for salmon, steelhead and bulls.. Also it gives you some reassurance too... I've seen a few 6wt rod tips floating down the river because a 20lb chum decided to go back to the ocean

Good luck!

If only targeting pink and coho a 6 would work BUT if you hook into a big chum or a spring your gonna be in trouble...I personally use a 7wt but there's been times an 8wt would have been a more appropriate rod

Thanks for advices,
I thought about chums and springs. Yes they are to strong. If I have one on hook I will strigt my rod and let it go with fly.

Pinks - 5 or 6 wt
Coho - 6 or 7 wt
Steel - 7-8 wt
Chum - 7-8 wt
Chinook - 8-10 wt

All based on single hand. I use a 5wt for pinks and an 8 wt for Coho, Steel and Chum.

Thanks for help to make choice.
Now I think start with 6wt and then add 8wt. One rod is good but two rods are better.

3 are even better

then you need a set of double handers ....make it stop....

One thing to keep in mind when fishing the beaches is, the fish seem to be just out of reach.If you go with the 6, there'll be times you'll wish you had a little more punch.Especially into an ocean breeze.
I've never wished I had a lighter rod while playing pinks with an 8.I have wished for more when casting a 6

Fishing forum > pink- coho fly rod


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