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Hey all, Im thinking about heading out to Vaseux lake to try and catch some bass in the next few weeks. Any tips on what to use and where to go would be greatly appreciated. Im not very experienced when it comes to bass fishing.

I've never fished Vaseux but I would imagine its bass are the same as the others. Are you fishing from a boat? In which case you could try fishing with jigs in a drop off/transition area or near obvious cover. Bottom jigs in our neck of the woods can be tricky I find, so much crap on the bottom. But if Vaseux is more rocky like I imagine then it should be better.

Otherwise I usually just throw spinners and crank baits at different depths, this time of year that should produce something. I have a lot of luck with simple wedding bands, pink and light green.

If I find them to be near the surface I also use a lot of surface poppers and top water lures.

Hey thanks for the tips. Ya we will be fishing from a boat using paddles, as using any kind of motor is prohibited. I think I will have to pick up some wedding bands and jigs.

Wedding bands are good because they are cheap to buy/make, and I've been lucky with them.

Otherwise crankbaits and spinnerbaits are a better/more traditional option for bass, and they work well. I would probably go with at least a small variety of crankbaits for sure and try those often.

Early hours of the day you should see action on topwater lures, plenty of variety on those as well.

Lots of soft plastic baits work as well which I can't speak much for, I don't usually use them

Good luck!!

Dylb pretty much got it bang on use your surroundings to pick a bai. Spinnerbaits are the best to determine if the fish are activ. If there is lots of boulders and rocks try a jig or a craw pattern plastics or crankbait with craw like marking. If there is lots of lillys try a weedless frog if you know of baitfish try a crankbait good luck!


Thanks for the tips guys!

Fishing forum > Vaseux lake tips


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