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Author Topic: What ever happened to all the old members?

Whatever happened to all the old members?
We use to have a lot of good tips and conversations on here back in the day
We should get this site going again
Bentley, MrGrey, Dumptruck, Kelso? Just a few
Don't let beaks ruin it for everyone
I'm going to start posting lots of new reports and contributing to the forum again.
Lets get this site back to how it use to be, a place where guys can get helpful advice, tips and tricks. Or just come on and bs telling fishing stories with other fishermen. Try to keep it clean judgment free and keep your negativity to yourselves guys, there's other sites were you can go if you want to sit around and critique people.
Thanks Abe <*)))><

Unfortunately too many beaks ruined it for a lot of members. mr grey1 got tired of being beat up. Good old Bently made a post the other day. It would be great to have you back along with others . Lately everyone seems to be behaving well. Let's hope it continues and your posts attract a few members back.

I'm old and I'm a member ..... but..

not as old as me I bet ! Put it this way, I get my licence for $5 this year!

" Put it this way, I get my licence for $5 this year! "

Besides his daily Geritol discount...........hehe

don't need geritol least not yet !!! Good to see you Bently.

Wow I want to pay $5 for my licence too lol
How's Bentley doing, did you get into any steelies this year?

cagey im still waiting when you take me out fishing for springs
I got a few buds teaching me now steelheading , but I got none so far cant make it out to the river on weekends and rivers blown out now
But I was introduce to perch fishing :D damn pretty cool thing ) tey fight like crazy on ultralight gear :D
Got bored of catching trout at lakes now :D me want big spring )) must be red and must be female :D

I'm currently 56, when do I get the old bastard discount?

Sorry Knnn, not until 65 . 9 long years. I tried to turn 65 last year and stay there for 2 years but Harper would not let me. Maybe Justin would have listened !Just think, cheaper car insurance, fishing and hunting licences for $5 and Old Age pension. You get nothing for being 64 !!!!
Alex, any time in early September come on up to the Thompson near Chase and I will see that a big red spring bites your hook.

any campground around so I can camp or hotels ? I wanna bring my old man ) after targeting sturgeons I pretty sure I can handle spring , I want my old man to feel that

"How's Bentley doing, did you get into any steelies this year?"

Only a couple to hand so far but haven't been out very much at all Abe.

Abe, poor old Bently is too old to pull in a steelie!(lol)
Alex, lots of place to stay around here.


"Abe, poor old Bently is too old to pull in a steelie!(lol)"

Pffft, I'm the fish whisperer Cagey, I don't even need a rod.

good to see you back Bently ! ( and Abe)! You should make it up this way some time for some big trout or a weekend hunting our big bucks !

You too cagey, I won't say I'm here to stay but I check in from time to time.

Still trying to wrap my head around Abe being a Steelhead guide....lollol......must be pro bono...hehe

Just kidding Abe.....when I see that helicopter of yours all I can think of is Arnold Swartzennager yelling "get toooo zaaa choppa !!!!"


Perhaps there is a site for 'old members', oh, here it is.

A little more experienced now, perhaps I can add something again from time to time, but it's crazy how quickly spring turns back to spring.

Love to see some good fishing tips and exchanges, friendly that is, again.

ABE!!! I bought a Harley Buddy more riding than fishing. Hit me up on FB

A day with Gary Cooper. Fun day.

Hey kelso nice to see you buddy, yea I remember that day good times.
Yea I saw the Harley nice ride man. We should get out fishing once the weather gets nicer. I'll hit you up on fb

Fishing forum > What ever happened to all the old members?


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