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Zola 25

I'm originally from England now living in Fort Langley.
I know most Canadians hate carp but I catch and release them regularly.
The largest one so far is 15lb. Not a monster but most of these fish have never seen a hook and fight hard.
Any one else out there who likes carping without killing or eating the fish. Please get in touch with me.

Hey, I enjoy fishing for them. I have heard you will have the best luck at hatzic lake. I hear mill lake and area 51 both have carp in them as well. Good luck
Zola 25

Thanks for the information Boomdraco.
Next time I'm up that way I will give it a go.

I have been trying to catch a carp for two weeks in Pitt Meadows. Started as a lark with some corn on a bait hook but have moved on to boilies and hair rigs with sliding rig. Still can't get them to take. In the Okanogan it was as simple as a bread crust on a free hook. Temp drop tonight and rain; might get them off spawning and into eating? Any ideas!?

I'd probably try sight fishing, as we are not allowed to chum. If there is a place where people often feed ducks I would try there as well. Good luck
Zola 25

Carp are very finicky feeders unless they are used to a bait so it can be very frustrating fishing for them.
You need to present the bait as natural as possible. I never use anything over 10lb line and weight the float right down to cut down on resistance. Find bottom and fish 6 inches over depth. have a small split shot on the line to take the bread down 4" from the hook and the bits will register better. They take worm to but they need to be fresh. Good luck!

Where is no carps at Pitt meadows
Zola 25

Well after many hours at Trinity I finally landed a 15lb carp last night. The bloody turtles keep nicking the bait on the bottom so its was frustrating at times. I have had carp on shrimp many times in the uk but only caught catfish after catfish the biggest about 1lb which is the largest I've caught here. No idea what size they can go to but not much sport on 10lb line. Anyway it's great to have a carp spot on my doorstep so I will be there again tonight I expect. Tight lines!

Nice, a good sized fish to start with!
Zola 25

This pond is hard work but rewarding catch more turtles than fish.

Ive been wanting to try fly fishing for carp. Any pointers? Ill probably try trinity.

How are you guys getting the carp at trinity? Just want to know so I can bring some stuff next time
Zola 25

I live only 2 mins from Trinity and put in a lot of time there and blank a lot of the time. Bread,corn,worm are what I use. 10lb line minimum to get them through the weed. And be prepared for a lot of Turtle action, bloody things. Are they native to Canada or have they been dumped in the pond by ninja fans? Anyway good luck!

Thanks for the info and I am pretty sure the ones with red on the side of the head are called red eared sliders and they are an invasive species
Zola 25

have just read upon these things and they are destroying the native turtles. Also they take the small fry fish as well. Apparently they should be euthanize. Where would you take the things?
Zola 25

So this is what I've been catching at Trinity. Should I put them back or remove them. Any one have an opinion about this. I catch and release everything but I read that these are destroying the natural eco-system as they originate from Mexico.

Hi, My dad loves to carp fish and in recent years has lost his usual fishing hole. He's been busy so hasn't been able to fish in a while. I would really like to take him carp fishing again. Where locally (lower mainland) do you recommend? and are you guys referring to trinity university?

According to the following links, you are encouraged to report invasive species, such as the red eared slider, however I don't see any suggestion to destroy them

I want to know also..

Yeah Trinity Western U in Fort Langley

Thank you, we're going to give it a try tonight

zola can u teach me how catch carps ?!
I`m just new to this kind of fishing , I just bought some gear for hair rig and can get feeders too I would really appreciate if you can teach me basics
Zola 25

I dont bother with any of that over here as you will loose so much gear.

email me and we can set something up.

Your best be is stalking this time of year.

but Trinity is so weedy its hard to land them through the weed so you need to pick you spot and be quite on the bank as they spook real easily.
Zola 25

Nice trinity carp 17lb. Cought off the top with bread.
Zola 25

sharphooks moderator

WOW ! That wins the Sharphooks Fish of the Year for sure !
Must have been one hell of a fight!

Caught one carp,check my video below:

Carp fishing with kids


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