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sorry, I accidently erased the thread. Respect had raised concerns about trespassing and the rights of landowners.
If you wish, Respect, you might want to requote some of the links you gave including the Coniagas Farms BC Court of Appeal case.Not sure I interpret the case in the same way Respect does but it does pose some interesting points.
People have to respect landowners rights but there is certainly some debate as to how far these rights go. Feel free to restate your arguments. sorry I deleted such an interesting thread.

hey respect, could you plse repost the court case and articles you posted previously. I never got a chance to read all of them. It fits in nicely with the new thread on Douglas Lake v fishermen.

Coniagas Farms vs British Columbia

Thing is, Corbett may be a public lake, but the Alouette is a mixture of public and private. The courts decided this in 1993 that the public have no right to access private property. And trespassing is a crime. Just ask this guy;

Drama on Corbett Lake

Respect needs to watch what happen's in these rulings because the same is gonna happen once someone takes him to court !!!!

I think he has been watching. Maybe you should pay some attention to what he says. Ignoring landowners only results in everyone loosing the right to fish waters such as the Allouette which are developed from one end to the other. Have fun fishing in the park as that is the only place not private. I do not read the Coniagas case to be applicable to every property on the river but I see Respects point of view. If I was wanting to fish I'd be asking for permission not running wild with no respect to the landowner as you seem to suggest. I suspect with the right approach I'd be fishing there, not you !

Fishing forum > Allouette River/Private property


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