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second time this year go for crappie. last time is about 2 weeks ago, fishes are at about 20 feet deep. today, took us almost 2 hours to find them , they moved to about 40 feet deep because of the weather. once found, two hours of good time.

this is the biggest one today, 9 inches.


Never fished for them this late in the year. Always used to catch em there in late spring-early summer.

Wow, Crappies this late, where about did you go? What technique were you using. Lures? I'd love to try for Hatzic Crappies, heard they can get quite big. Last ones I got were in Mill lake drop shoting pink and white tube jigs by the dock.

they are in deep water and gather up. once found, I can call it harvest. Most are not this big.

This is really interesting my son's always up for some crappie fishing but didn't know they could be caught this late. I have a boat but not a fish finder with I'm guessing you need for this type of fishing I will be buying one soon though. i was wondering though can a lower quality fish finder pick up fish that small or are you just looking for cover? also is this fishery around all winter and what baits are best? If you have any other important information on this type of fishing that you're willing to share id really appreciate it. Sorry for asking so many questions this topic has just gotten me very curious.

all you need are : a small boat, a basic fish finder for showing the depth of the water, a bottle of 1 inch fake fish, a super sensitive - maybe even a ice fishing pole with reel , super light fluorocarbon leader line - I use 3 lb.

this can be all winter long fun because they gang up in winter. the fish finder won't pick the fish because they are just too small . But you can see the depth which is the every important.

thanks so much. just had couple more questions. on the fish finder do you look for drop offs, weeds...? and by fake fish are you talking about the ones that have a thin single tale like these...

or more like these
one more thing are natural colours best or brighter ones?

this one is the best. I do have some color ones but I think this one produce the best result because it looks natural.

about the fish finder. I only need to see how deep the bottom is. they stay in different depth depend on the weather . If you start from november, you will find they gradually move to deeper water as temprature drops. How to find them in the same depth? trial and error. that is why I said took me 2 hours to locate them sometime.

great! by "this one is the best" were you referring to the second picture I put up? sorry if this is a stupid question, I just can't figure out what "this one" is referring too.

yes . that is what I use

Where do you put in your small boat?

from neilson park. tough !!!

I was just looking at some fishing reports and came across one report from dec 2011 where someone caught quite a few bass at Hatzic during winter. I was sure bass became very difficult during the winter. Is it still worth targeting bass here. The reason I'm asking is Hatzic is a good hour to hour and a half drive with the boat so if the crappie aren't bitting it would be nice to have a backup plan. I know this lake has a lot of species are there any other active species during the winter? Thanks.

Here's a link to the report: report

Winter bass fishing is tough, you'll be lucky to get any. Best to wait till spring for them to become active again.

Today's catch. 0.65kg !

is it weird that i once caught a 16" Crappie around here and it weighed 2 lbs at least!? i was shocked when i landed the thing.

YOUR weight estimation is probably way off Sam

It's YOUR. And I will try to post a pic later.

16 inches. wow......I suspect your estimate of over 2 pounds would be correct. look frwd to seeing a photo of the brute!

lenth and weigh

in cm


Are they tasty fish?

I think it is the best. And according to :

"The Pomoxis species are highly regarded game fish and are often considered to be among the best-tasting freshwater fish."

Really big one.

what does hatzic crappie fishing look like during the summer?

never do it. but some friend said it is super easy but every small.

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