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Out at the vedder yesterday and witnessed quite a show! A young man was bottom bouncing, and the other guys were float fishing. I recognized the bottom bouncer, and remembered him from when he was a little boy who came there with his family, (3 generations). He was very angry, and said the guys were bugging him for bottom bouncing, then and the previous weekend. I saw that his leader was about 6+ft and he was really whipping back with his rod every few seconds. That's what the whole group was doing 25 yrs ago in that same spot, (just up stream from Allison pool), when he was a little boy, and when I was introduced to bottom bouncing. I joined in, and apologize, but I've learned how to use this style of angling in the proper manner, he has not. Love to laugh and joke with people I meet on the river, not get mad, and argue.

As you eluded to, there is a difference between bottom bouncing and flossing/snagging. 6ft leader and ripping line every few seconds or at end of drift if only done for one reason and is not indicative of ethical bottom bouncing technics. Unfortunately the lack of understanding of what true bottom bouncing is (and that it is a selective and ethical means of targeting fish)is not well known and gets lumped together with rippers/snaggers/flossers by those who do not understand the difference

Please describe an ethical bottom bouncing method, and how ethical and non ethical vary. I've only read about bb being pooh poohed...

This ought to be good...

Back bounce from a boat, with a short leader, where the bait/terminal tackle is not swung across/perpendicular to the current.

Ethical bottom bouncing: enticing a fish to bite your presentation by bouncing it along a stream/river bed.

Non-ethical bottom bouncing: enticing your presentation to bite (snag) the fish by bouncing it along a stream/river bed.

Maybe a bit simplified, but it gives the general idea of the difference...largely to do with intent.
Leader length has nothing to do with it, as you can do ether form effectively with both long and short leaders. Even a shiny hook can attract a fish, so presentation has nothing to do with it ether.

Evidence of intent:
It is unethical if you rip back on your rod before a fish bites and takes off with your presentation. If you rip back on your rod and people see you don't have a fish on then everyone knows you are fishing unethically. Otherwise, it is difficult to know a persons intent without asking them.

Well, I'd hate to get anyone all worked up, but I have a few more comments on bottom bouncing. When you get to the bottom, you'll feel your lead touch the rocks, bump, bump,and if you don't give it a little tug right away, it will jam into the rocks. So, here you are, bump, bump, tug, bump, bump,tug, and someone could think, he's trying to snag a fish!! No, he doesn't want to lose all his gear. Also, some contact with the bottom can feel just like a strick, and then you try to set the hook. "He's trying to snag a fish!!!" No. He's trying to set the hook. The extra long leaders, 6 ft and longer, I don't agree with, but still doesn't prove an intention to snag. He may just want his presentation well away from his swivel,lead, and main line.

"A little tug" is not the same as someone ripping their rod back. The rod is lifted with bottom contact, not ripped. Also in twitching the rod is lifted and lowered, not ripped (coupled with a little line being reeled in between twitches).

One should learn the difference between bottom contact and a fish taking off with their presentation; before bbing. In any case, you won't be "mistaking" a strike every few seconds and at the end of each drift.

I love how high and mighty so many people get about flossing. Who cares how he catches his fish. If a flosser has a barbless hook and doesn't keep over his limit of fish, than he hasn't broken any laws. I may need to remind you what the definition of snagging is! (foul hooking)....hooking a fish in any other part of its body besides the mouth.

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