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Just looking for some opinions, or to see what you guys use.

Do you still run a filament leader, 6-10lbs lets say, when your rod is spooled with braided?
Or are you just running braided all the way down to the hook?

Doing some online homework I get mixed reviews. Seems to be more and more people running braided all the way through, eliminating the chance of snagging something that will out-do whatever you've chosen as a lead.

From some pro reviews they claim they have noticed no difference, even in clear water. All depends on how picky the fish may be I guess... any first hand local reviews?


I think it's a good idea to use a leader of lesser strength than your mainline regardless. That way if you snag, you can break off your leader instead of snapping your mainline. As far as catching goes, I've had equal success with both braid to terminal and braid to leader. Sadly, it's very little..,

No need to use Braid Period!!!!!

Hmmm, interesting your well research, in-depth and logical argument appears to be irrefutable.

However there may be occasions where you want your line to float, make it easier to hold your line off the water, make your line more visible under low light conditions, improve the responsiveness of your hook-set, cast further, but hey, let's not quibble over minor advantages braid can offer .... (PS I am not a paid up member of the braid party, I tend to use mono only)


lol so false smoke another one bud!!!

Back to the OP, if you have braid I (personally) would run it to a small swivel and then have a final leader in mono or fluro approximately 5 lbs less in breaking strain than your braid (assuming you are not running > 20 LBS braid).

However, this would also depend on water conditions and the type of fish you are targeting. For example it may not be necessary that have mono in coloured water or targeting fish that are not particularly leader shy, such as pinks or chum. If you are after coho in low and clear water then 6-10 lbs fluro would not be amiss. HTH.

I've only seen one time that it seemed braided mainline was necessary. Bottom bouncing for springs up near Hope, in the Fraser. The water was so rough,and fast, that my monofilament was beat to hell after only a few cast's! Braided mainline seems to stand up to the punishment. But, why would anyone use braided line in the vedder??? I don't get it.

I find with the heavier mono lines, 8+, I can notice the effect on my casting distance. At least with my rod/reel combo which is more of a trout setup anyways. For that reason I went with 20b braid this time around, as I do find it casts/spools about the same as 8lbs mono. But obviously with the added strength.

Another benefit being it has substantially less memory than mono... meaning lazy folk like me have to re-spool less often.

It also smells like crayons.

Fishing forum > Leaders with braided line


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