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i I was thinking of taking my son up there to see if we could get onto some pinks. I've heard its not too challenging but we have never fished the vedder before and are wondering, where on the river to fish best baits/methods and also if you can eat the pinks (humpys) this late in the run. Any help would be much appreciated.

The run is winding down but still a lot of pinks in the system. Anywhere from the Vedder crossing down to the mouth of the Fraser is best, with the lower (closer to Fraser) being your best bet to get any thing that would be worth while eating if your looking to eat some. Tossing spinners or spoons, twitching jigs (pink or chartreuse have been working well for me) and/or float fishing with any of those will get you into some. Just be aware the coho and springs are in the system (more coming everyday) so going a bit heavier lbs test with your main line isn't a bad idea.

you think 10lb mono is good for the coho/springs as well as the pinks

I use 6 or 8 lb for Coho if you are targeting spring you should go bigger but you don't need to drag them in lol

10lbs will do for coho usually, if they hit the fast water while hooked you may break off a few but that would be rare. For springs that just won't cut it unless your have a lot of room to manuver the banks to keep up when they run. I personally use 15lbs mono main line and 12lbs fluorocarbon leader on my centerpin and even that a big spring can make short work of if they decide to. I wouldn't go any higher the 20lbs main and 15lbs leader personally but I know guys that use 25 and 20. If your drag is set properly I don't see any reason to go that high unless specifically only targeting springs and even then I find it over kill

are there any left worth eating in there?

Tough one to answer. It all depends on what species you mean, how long they have been in freshwater and how hungry you are.

well as for species I guess pinks as they are what we will probably catch we aren't to picky when it comes to fish as long as it docent taste like mud . (I'm guessing the coho/springs are not quite as plentiful)

Pinks in system are pretty zombied now. You may get the odd straggler coming in late but the majority are gonna be coloured up by now. Best bet for table fare now is springs and coho

we went on Sunday the punks where really coloured, but we did hear that the coho would be arriving soon does anyone know when that would be? thanks.

There are and have been coho and springs in system for a few weeks now, not in "peak" numbers yet but they are there. Already a few hundred coho in the hatchery

when do you think the "peak" numbers of coho will be there?

The 26th at 10:22 pm

Lol prune.

Get out on the river and you'll find fish if you can find the proper holding water.

I went for a walk along the river with my gear rod and fly rod for an hour and I was blown away by how many holes were sitting unfished.

Coho will be pushing in for the next 3 weeks. Chum are on their way as well.

Fishing forum > vedder pinks (tips)


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