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Finally, you can thank the bottom bouncers!!!!

Entire Fraser too. What a bummer for tidal pinks...

The big numbers of pinks are at the tail end of the sox.There is some overlap, but there will be plenty of time for pinks.
I would think they'll open it by the first week of sept.
I understand closing the upper due to the flossing crowd, but it is a bit of a joke to close the lower, as it's near impossible to snag a sock.
Anyway, still open in 29-3 for those with boats...

depending on abundance, they will most likely reopen in a couple weeks for pinks/chum for a bit.

My plan this year was to start tossing some flies and gear into the tidal within the next week, then move into the vedder for mid sept.

All we can do is see what happens I guess.

About time they closed the Fraser. They had to close Regions 3 and 8 for good reason, the spawning grounds are extremely warm. Stressing the fish in any way will guarantee they do not survive long enough to spawn. There is concern the Springs in the Shuswap River will be totally wiped out. Extinct! And where do you think all those pinks go. Believe me there are a lot going to be wanting to spawn up here too. Let the fish have a year off in the hope enough will spawn to keep the strains alive for the future. You guys down at the coast can at least fish the Harrison and Vedder or in the ocean .

Scary thought that they could get wiped out...doesn't help at all with the commercial/netting boys either as with a smaller run as is the shuswap, all it would take is for them to end up catching a good portion of the run and it would be in serious they have to get through them first and then hope they survive the warm/shallow waters.....Went and Kayaked for a few hrs up and down kingfisher to Mable mouth area last weekend and seen 1 spring and 1 spring jump (unless it was a very large bow but doubtful) so hearing this does not surprise me really....Saddens me greatly though!

From what I understand after talking to DFO, the sport closure of the tidal Fraser and its mouth was purely political and not for conservation measures.
It seems the First Nation Chinook fishery had to be shut down due to a by-catch of sockeye beyond the set allowable limits, however they can't shut down a First Nation fishery and still allow a sport fishery for the same fish (even though the sport fishery had negligible impact on sockeye), so they had to shut down all salmon fishing.
Not so sure the non-tidal bottom bouncers had much if any impact on the decision.

If you check the fisheries reports: The water temperatures at the spawning grounds are normal for this time of year and the sockeye are arriving in good shape.
There's no indication of en-rout mortality issues, so that has no bearing on the closure or conservation concerns. The issue is a much lower than expected return combined with non selective First Nation fishing methods...and politics of course lol.

excuse my ignorance and laziness but where do you find the reports on the water temps of the spawning grounds. From what I understand the temp in the Shuswap River is well above normal. The Shuswap is not a huge spawning ground for sox but the spring salmon run is at risk for this reason according to the Kingfisher Hatchery (My experience is they give accurate reports , it is not government run ).There is also a coho run but hopefully it is late enough things will cool off. The Fraser apparently has not done too bad re: temp although it is 30+ % lower than normal . I'd be interested in reading those reports you refer to if you could direct me there.

If this is due to warmer water this is just the start of the end of the fraser ,the climate is changing and this is just the beginning some people say in 25 years BC will be the new California!!

Escapement reports are attached to some of the fisheries pink/sockeye updates. This is from Aug. 11th:

"The second upstream escapement report was release by DFO last week.
Observations of Early Stuart sockeye in the spawning areas indicate that sockeye are present in a number of spawning areas and in good condition. Water levels and temperatures are normal for this time of year. In addition, the counting fence at Sweltzer Creek (Cultus) has been in place since July 20th with no fish observed to date."

I haven't been following the Escapement reports for Chinook.

sorry quiet but your previous post appeared to indicate the spawning was going just fine. The early stewart run only consisted of about 40,000 fish. dfo is a lot more worried about the Adams run which they had hoped to be over 1M. The Fraser was not shut down to protect the runs you were referring to. the spawning grounds else where are not just fine. I'd with draw your previous posts blaming the closure on the natives. I'd suggest the closure is purely because the dfo, for the 1st time ever, used their brains. Catch the fish in the ocean or tributaries off the Fraser but leave the poor fish headed to the Thompson-Shuswap alone.

The Sockeye escapement reports show the spawning and water conditions of the returned sockeye is going just fine, that is correct. Other than returning numbers; there have been no reports of problems with Fraser sockeye, I believe DFO is equally concerned with all runs not just the Adams.

I suggest that closing the tidal Fraser sport Chinook salmon fishery will have no conservation impact on the sockeye going to the Adams, Thompson-Shuswap or any other system.

you live in a dream world if you think there is no effect on the sox . And the only spawning ground in good shape is the Upper Fraser (which includes the Stuart run.).

Cagey the only ones who have been bothering sockeye in the Tidal Fraser this year are the First Nation netters and test fishery nets, if you think a bar rig sitting stationary on the bottom of the Tidal Fraser is going to impact sockeye runs then I have to say you are living in a dream world.

its not the bar rig that would be affecting them....its the 50,000 people from the lower mainland that all they know is flossing this time of year...unfortunately, even with just springs open I think there was still a VERY large portion of people that were still out there using this method of fishing so yes, I think it absolutely could/would affect the sockeye....and then there is also the possibility of people combined catching a significant portion of any specific/sensitive runs that may already be in enough trouble on their fisheries without a doubt have a much higher impact but both have their impacts none the less...keeping it short, I believe 100% it lessens impact for multiple reasons.....Hopefully the fish/runs do ok though and the runs 4 yrs from now end up being incredible!

I seen at least 50 people bottom bouncing at Peg leg on Friday so I would assume at every main spot these idiots where fishing even seen guys in boats doing it. What a joke people!!!!!

mzmann There was no one flossing in the Tidal Fraser nor is it possible to floss in the Tidal Fraser. How do you come up with 50,000 people flossing the Tidal Fraser?

Where does he say Tidal waters he doesn't,man your beating a dead horse!!!!

63vette where does mzmann say non tidal Fraser? I wasn't talking about bar rigs or closures in the non tidal Fraser.
It appears that he responded to my post about a bar rig and its impact in the Tidal Fraser.

quiet44, I see now up above that you are talking specifically about tidal fraser and mouth bad and it seems we are talking about 2 different things then really. If you are saying that keeping "only" the tidal fraser and the mouth sections open for springs right now (sport only) should not affect the sockeye really then yes I would have to agree for the most part......but why not give the salmon as much chance as we can period this year?...springs included. I would much rather lose a season or 2 of bar fishing or otherwise vs running the risk of screwing up a run or fishery completely. Just my 5cents though.

sorry I did not notice you said tidal waters. You are correct that this would not bother the sox BUT it does bother the springs which as you will note are in grave danger in the Thompson/Shuswap.
The river was closed for a good reason. You can fish to your hearts content in the Harrison, just leave the fish going farther up the Fraser alone.

Giggity Giggity!!....

Aug 16 water temperatures, all showing normal for this time of year. In fact they are pretty much within one degree of the average:

Daily Mean, Historic Median

Fraser River @ Qualark 19.1 18.2
Fraser River @ Texas Creek 18.6 17.7
Upper Fraser @ Shelley 15.5 15.3
Thompson R. @ Ashcroft 19.2 18.2
South Thompson @ Chase 21.0 19.4
North Thompson @ McLure 15.4 16.2
Quesnel R. @ Quesnel 17.0 17.2
Nechako R. @ Isle Pierre 19.0 18.4
Stuart R. @ Ft. St. James 18.5 18.3
Fraser @ Marguerite 17.9 NA
Nechako @ Vanderhoof 17.6 NA
Thompson @ Spences Bridge 19.0 NA
Nautley 18.6 NA

Doesn't list the Shuswap, but if the cooler than average temperature of the North Thompson is indicative of the shuswap then there's little to worry about.

Albion test fisheries pulled 75 Chinook out of the Tidal Fraser yesterday, Whonnock another 51 and more at Cottonwood. Not sure all Tidal Fraser barfishers combined could pull that many out of the Tidal Fraser in a day lol...looks like large numbers of Chinook coming through.

With the new Thompson opening: Guess those Thompson/Shuswap springs aren't in such grave danger after all eh lol

I was surprised they opened it . I guess you have a good case for the lower Fraser if they can open the T.

Quiet44 , I must eat some crow. I suggested DFO was actually using some brains for a change but now they have opened the Shuswap so I can't stand behind my argument. You must have been right!
The Thompson had no reason to be closed. Most of the Shuswap River fish have already passed through and are sitting in the big lakes (Shusuwap, Mara and Mable). The fish I am trying to catch are mostly going other places like Malakwa and the rivers off Shuswap LK.
Why open the Shuswap River if it was in such bad straights just weeks ago. The water temp has not changed much or the water lever. Must have been the natives demanding an opening. I do not blame the natives, just the idiots who we are supposed to trust to manage the fishery.

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