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Not sure if this is common knowledge, but it was news to me when I caught one this morning.

Small, even for a crappie, but was surprised to see it

Are you sure it was a crappie or was it a pumpkinseed?

Long ago there were crappie in Lafarge, 25+years. They seemed to have lasted only 2-3 years before disappearing. Die off??
Massive schools of silver dollar sized crappie would intercept your flies. Very annoying!
In recent years I've heard of no reports of crappie. Reports of Pumpkinseeds, yes.


Looked a lot more crappie than pumpkinseed... but if pumpkinseed are known to be in there then that's possibly what it was. Either way, news to me! Had tons of action on the line from the little guys, not sure if there's any of decent size in there

Crappie's mouth "unfolds" to approx 3X it's resting size. Pumpkinseeds have a regular sized sunfish mouth and are usually brightly coloured and like the shallows more than crappie.

Yeah it was definitely very crappie-ish
See if I can snag another and take a pic this time

Fishing forum > Lafarge Lake Crappie


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