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fisher 696

So here I sit, just having returned from the Cap. after a great mornings fishing.Started at 6:30 & played lot's of fish. No hatchery coho, but released 3 wild. Enough about me, onto something ugly. REALLY ugly. Needing to pee, I went to the bushes and to my dismay discovered 27 springs lying in a pile covered with a few leaves. They bore the wounds of giant treble hooks. We caught 1 spring that still had one in the tail. 2 inches long & wrapped with pencil lead, attatched to 30 # line. Having fished there last night & then again this morning, I know that it happened overnight. I think that it is ironic that for so long, the natives complained that the white man buggered up their fishing/hunting, yet now it is the white man saying that they are buggering up our fishing. I don't know if both parties can be right, but 27 fish snagged in the middle of the night is wrong. If native fishers want to take fish for food, cool. How about they use traditional techniques? Traditional values, traditional ways.

I was also fishing at the Capilano yesterday and uncovered 6 dead springs with massive laserations. That is discusting.
tug it

I too was fishing the cap yesterday watching some clown tail and belly hook fish after fish. HE was white not a white person it disgusts me. So lets be real here and call a spade a spade....were no better in many cases. Not that I disagree with you one iota...however its happening everywhere

hey guys. disturbing info indeed. just a question. why were the fish thrown in the bush. were they in tradition colors and unfit to eat or were they in fresh bronze color. i mean why snag fish if they are near the end of their life cycle. just plain stupid and ignorant behaviour.
The real Steelyslayer

Where did u see this? Get pics? I am sure people would love to see that. Maybe send it to DFO's head office!
fisher 696

I saw this on the eastbank just North of the freeway overpass.Returned there today & it looked as though a few people had taken the best fish. They were not boots, to the contrary, they were mostly cromers with a few bronze beauties.Having fished the mouth from the bridge piling, I have stood & watched as a teenaged native lad sngged fish after fish on an incoming high tide. He filled a shopping cart in 20 minutes. My point being;HE took the fish he caught.The ones I found were mostly wasted. They ranged in size from 4-40 pounds.The gear we found in the tail of one of the ones we caught, was identical to that of the lad with the shopping cart and this all took place 2 miles upstream.Too close to be coincedence. Unfortunately no camera.

quote"...If native fishers want to take fish for food, cool. How about they use traditional techniques? Traditional values, traditional ways."

if they did that then these people would be pretty much naked. unfortuneatley the deal the government signed with capilano band to dam the river allowed them to harvest the river at any given time and species with any method. and to rebuild the salmon stocks for them the government also threw in a multi million dollar hatchery so there would always be fish for them. nothing illegal goin on where the native lad was fishing but to throw fish in the bush without photos of the people doing it is a non starter again. don't worry bud....we feel your anguish.
fisher 696

I have no problem with the young lad snagging his fish.Nor do I have a problem with fish being harvested for use by the natives.They were here first after all. My problem is/was with the sheer waste of these magnifcent river kings. The bush is no place for them.I wonder if they were left behind and only coho were taken. We'll never know.

Fishing forum > Native conservation efforts on the Cap.


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