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Hey guys,

Just moved here from Alberta and brought along my inflatable boat I've got my 4yr old hooked on fishing and trying to get my 2yr old more any tips for little guys to get into consistent action?

In Alberta we have the jack fish/pikes to keep the boys entertained on the boat because they're so aggressive and go after anything you throw in the water. Is there any action like that here in the lower mainland? I'm sure the whole patience thing will eventually come later LOL

If you go to trinity western wuniversity has a bunch of little sunfish. Try bobber and worm close to shore.

Are watercraft allowed on this lake? I'd much prefer lakes which allowed small boats/electric motor...

I'm not too keen on shore fishing with 2 little guys running around...atleast when I've got them in the boat, I can keep them contained and not have to worry too much.

Sorry no boats. By it I relatively small of a lake so it couldn't have water craft.
Fish'n BC

To get little guys hooked on fishing I'd suggest a safe setting in one of the two trout parks in Abbotsford or Mission, they will be guaranteed to catch fish (that they can eat afterwards). It is so important that they catch something the first time out or they will quickly get turned off fishing.

Bull Heads in salt water are a popular kid choice as they are easy to catch, just use some or muscles or sea worms on the bottom.

Northern Pike Minnow (aka squaw fish) in most fresh water locations are easy to catch and popular with kids. Pike Minnows will take most anything, but a bobber and worm close to shore is a simple way to fish for them. Maybe try bottom fishing with a worm if fishing in moving water.

Hope that helps.

I live in Richmond , and sometimes if im bored I get my light set-up and go for "white fish" (pike minnow and chub).There are a lot of spots around here where you can nail them and its pretty fun ) . I wouldn't recommend to use worm thought if there are many bull heads around , try like bread+peanut butter dough , use sliding weight + 2 small hooks (8-10) different length ( short one about 3inches , long one 2-3 inches longer , or you can even make them the same ) .

Not sure how you can have two hooks on seperate bait balls?

I assume you're in tidal with two hooks.

Rules state both hooks must be in the same bait. Unless using a bar rig, which sliding wait bottom setup is not.

GF , my set up was checked by DFO , and whole Richmond is using 2 hooks when fishing for white fish .
Maybe you should read regulations more carefully ? not only fresh water .

You can't read? I said in my previous post I assume you're in tidal...

Regs look pretty clear to me.

your interpretation of the regs is not clear to me. A bar rig is a set-up in which the weight sits on the bottom with the hooks attached in such a way as to stay off the bottom. A bar rig does not have to be a store bought set-up. Alex's set-up sounds like a bar rig to me. The weight, in my humble opinion,can be fixed or sliding and still be a bar rig.
Anyone have some informed knowledge on the question?

I'm all for open discussion.

I'll be the ass and say I'm assuming he's using a small scale sturgeon setup with sliding weight and two hooks, keeping bait on the bottom.
Fish'n BC

For discussion only, the Fisheries and Ocean definition:

"BAR RIG A line or leader with a weight no greater than 1 kg attached at the end, and from which no more than two lines are attached by means of one or more swivels, spreader bars or other means. Each of these two lines may have only one hook attached."

I suppose the weight can be sliding, as long as it is attached at the end lol. Sounds to me he has the hooks/bait after the weight, which may be an improper set up.

PS: Maybe Alex can post a diagram to clarify his set up, since we are only speculating here.

leader - swivel- 1 foot line with pencil lead on it with bead on each end - swivel+lock - 2 lines on lock if I use short lines 3-5 inches , or 3swivel on lock and 1 hook+lead to othe 2 end of 3swivel .

0 0
| |
| |

weight is between 8-0 , reason why I use sliding is because of the waves and current on tides .

by the weight at the bottom and in a middle - was watching guys who barfish , and their set ups are all different , some use weight at the very end , some use it in a middle . all were checked by DFO . fish we are talking about is not salmon .

p.s. my weight under 1oz
Fish'n BC

Interesting. Doesn't seem to quite fit the definition of a bar rig imho, but if the DFO officers accepted it then who are we to argue? I think Fisheries and Oceans should leave out the " the end" in their definition if it doesn't matter where the weight is.

agreed , cuz weight at the bottom doesn't really mean your hook is off the bottom . its all about leader length.

was checked by dfo today evening . I was fishing for sturgy but I always have my "white fish" rod and gear with me . after asking and showing them my set-up they said pretty clear - you will not get ticket for this set-up , it`s ok .
sharphooks moderator

Alex, you have come a long ways in your quest to be a good fisherman. Keep up the good work !

ty mr moderator , I hope cagey will invite me one time for springs

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