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Hi all,
Seeking an opinion on gear:

I have a 7.5 ft. Quantum trout rod, rated for 5 lbs. or so, that I've been fishing with for 15 years or so, since I was a kid. This has been my go-to Coho and steelhead rod, chucking spoons - and I've had great success with it, and a lot of sideways looks. That said, it's showing its age and I have a bit of money to buy a new setup this year - and I'm torn between buying a more appropriate spinning rig, which I know if going to catch me fish with my tried and true method, to a casting rig, which opens up other options, but might compromise my favorite.

My question is how effective is a casting rig at chucking spoons? Am I gonna be sorely disappointed in the distance/accuracy I can achieve? I've never used one, so I have no clue.. (1/4 ounce spoons is what I normally use)

It would be nice to expand my presentation options, but casting spoons is top priority.
Fish'n BC

I have both and in mho given same line, rod specs and spoon weight: the spinning rod will always outcast a bait caster in distance and is easier to use. However the bait caster seems to have an advantage in accuracy and drifting floats/BB's in a river.

I still prefer the spinning rod for casting light spoons and spinners, but there are situations when the bait caster is more practicable.

Agreed, the spinning rig will cast further, however if you like to drift your spoons on the swing to keep it close to the bottom, then the level wind can make it a lot easier.

My experience is that you will only get 75-80% of the distance of your spinning rig. However a level wind also opens up the opportunity to drift fish with floats if that's an option wherever you fish.

Fishing forum > casting spoons with a baitcaster?


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