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Salutations everyone!

I'm pretty new to fishing, I've mostly fished the stocked ponds for the wee trouts they put in. Last year I did a sockeye trip that was very productive and got me hooked right proper. Living in East Van for 20 years, I had no idea there was so much stuff close by.

I did a walk and wade trip a few weeks ago to get the hang of drifting the rivers, I feel pretty comfortable with the level wind and casting and such.

Anyway, I went and fished the bridge pools on the Cap yesterday, but it felt much like a pointless exercise, mostly me throwing money in the river in the form of spoons and spinners. Apparently it's not like fishing the pond. I assume with more practice that I'll lose less gear.

Anyway, my main question is about fishing at Ambleside.

I keep hearing it's best to fish at low tide. So we went just before low tide and trudged belly button deep onto the bars there (now I see why chest waders are needed) to try to cast into where the water gets dark. Lost about a dozen buzz bombs from snags.

What I want to know, is if low tide is really the right time for fishing there? It seems the water is very shallow at low tide. The channel going into the cap was only about 3 feet deep. Chucking a spoon had it hitting the bottom almost right away. It seems that at high tide it would be more plausible to have some depth in the water and fish off the rocky point.

Am I missing something, or is that just how it's done, wading out on the bars and trying to hit the drop off there?

Any pointers appreciated...


lol , I fished cap for a couple years , if u fish at the mouth (tidal) then tides do matter . if u fish above (fresh/non tidal) tides do matter if river is above 2-3 feet (u can check cap cam or wait for rain , but sometimes they open flood gates at the damn) .
fishing at the mouth is tricky , because all the bottom is covered with shells ( or whatever u call them ) easy to snag and sharp enough to cut your line . that's why I fish a bit above the mouth , consider rain/water level + tides (high) , that pushes fish through the system above .
we can meet up one day after hard rain and go to cap if you want ) im new to fishing too , but I got a few coho at cap already , I have a map with 20+ pools at cap if u need

I would appreciate that very much!

You've pulled out some this year already? I saw one jump in each of the two pools I checked out, didn't know there were 20. We walked from the bridge to the mouth and didn't see anything but the two bridge pools. But, I don't really know what I'm looking for...

here , ill delete it after I come from work today , so make sure u got a copy )

Thanks! I wonder if some of those pools didn't look like pools because of low water levels?

The mouth of the cap low tide is very good salmon season, because the fish stack up and theirs lots of numbers. Try changing size of spoons ( little lighter) so it does not sink as fast. I like fly fishing the mouth. But spoons drifting everything works just need to be their the right times ( water levels/time of day) its all about pratice.... Good luck and tight lines


fishing mouth of cap is tricky ) need to watch tides
there is a small island , you can see it on a low tide , but if you will miss timing when tide is coming up , you might end up swimming from it
btw if you fish cap a lot , give me a shout if water above 2feet 6048358475 alex , I might join you )

We went right out on the bar as far as it went, maybe 20 feet from the post with the light on it. Fished for an hour at slack tide then turned around so we didn't need to swim.

Then we tried the mouth. What is considered the mouth? Is it still the mouth behind the train bridge, where you can see the power lines liberally festooned with lost gear? Just seems like fishing high tide there would make more sense, or at least as the tide is coming back in so it's not so shallow.

So much to learn...

Alex, I'd be into that but I don't have wheels. I've never owned a vehicle before, but now I want one just for fishing.

Obsessed much? Heh...

Nope you are not missing much, you have the estuary dialed, just need to time the fish being present.

The river is very low, probably only worth fishing once we see a little rain and the gauge hits 2-3. The water level can be gauged here:

The map of the pools on the cap is readily available on the web

knnn cap cap in not accurate . my bud gave me a link , ill try to find it later on , they have wires going into cable pool , and it show lifetime graf on a web site level and current . I was checking cam every day when it wasn't raining but sometimes they open floodgates and where is no info on that .

Well then, time to buy waders, and just accept lure loss as the cost of doing business.

FWIW, I did see coho jump in each of the bridge pools...

Of, perhaps I should say, what I -think- were coho...

So, according to the tide charts, first light and low tide coincide on Sunday. I predict another bout of foolish behavior.

Chances were you just saw some spawned out steelhead,coho wont go up the river when its so low.

Could be, but they were very silver, not as big as I would expect a steelhead to be. But I only caught them out the corner of my eye as they jumped...

Fishing forum > New member greeting, and questions...


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