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1.Why fishing carp in Canada?
2.How to set up your tackle?
3.How to catch carps more efficiently?

To be continued...

Sounds good!

I like to do a stergeon type rig just smaller I'll take 2 beeds and slide them on my line the a bell wait and then 2 more beeds and a snap swivel then I'll tye a a leder with a stergeon loop and I'll do a few with diffirent hook sizes and leader sizes. That's how I do my bottom fishing rigs

Carp are among Canada’s most under-rated game fish. Talk to most Canadian sport fisherman about fishing for carp, and you’re likely to get some funny looks, possibly some surprised reactions. But for those of us that have experienced the raw power these big suckers can generate, we know good and well that there aren’t too many freshwater fish swimming in Canadian waters that can keep up a sustained fight at that level except for sturgeons.
Two kinds of carp exist in Canadian waters:
1. common carp

2. crucian carp

Carp Float Fishing setup 1:

Carp Float Fishing setup 2:

Carp Float Fishing setup 3:

A typical float box:

A carp fishing master was giving a free class on how to catch carps on March 29, 2015 in Burnaby BC. I hope more English-speaking people can join our team.

What is in the white bucket in set up #2?

great posts. I look forward to learning more.

Fishing forum > Carp fishing techniques, equipments, spots (Chinese way)


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