Fishing forum > Any one live around Princeton? How's the Similkameen River?

Author Topic: Any one live around Princeton? How's the Similkameen River?

Is it high and dirty? or is it fishable?

Its been pretty warm around here (Okanagan). I drove by last week and it was on the high side but still clear water. Hope that helps.

Thank you roxyhound, I greatly appreciate the info, I've never fished the Similkameen River, drove by it a lot. So my son and I are heading up the first week in March and try our luck float fishing,and we are also going to bring up the light spinning rods and try some small lures.

I find if your going to try a new place Google it and do your homework on the place and check out the local fishing guiding websites cause they usually give you an update about the body of water or ask the local fly shops or outfitters stores if you're in the area you want to fish that would be the route I take first before coming on here cause you will get a faster response that way or message the local guide company's or bait shops like I said and they will give you good advice on where to start or just google the water depth and some charts should pull up but that's the way I go about checking out info on rivers or lakes cause the internet has info on pretty much all the waters in BC.

Hope this info gives you a good start if you haven't tried out the river yet.

Tight lines and good luck

Thank you bassmaster5000, All great advice! I think in the last week's I've been on the computer more then ever LOL. I called up to a couple places there and they had some good advice for fly fishing not for float fishing I have decided to just call up there and ask on the river conditions before we leave and just rely on our spidey fishing senses and have a great time

What a hard fish! River was in great shape, In two days only one fish Used every thing but the kitchen sink!!!!! Now I'm thinking I should have used it!!!!! Pink maggots and white ones, meal worms, single eggs(rubber and natural)Small spinners. Must have made over a 1000 drifts and only one hit and one fish.

Fishing forum > Any one live around Princeton? How's the Similkameen River?


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