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hey guys back at you with this killer video, help me out and like, subscribe and share it....thanks!

make sure to watch it in HD if possible

I liked it bud. Keep it going. Don't let that negative douche drag you down. If he wants info he should get off his fat ass and get out fishing instead of crawling web forums.

Cool video kid, nice work, keep it up!

...on a side note, this forum is such a joke. (mostly due to people like Dumptruck17)

Thankyou islander. I am not trying to make anyone jealous, I could care less to be honest, i'm trying to become more know to people in bc and consistently make videos (some like this and some informative) so that one day after years of being an electrician, I can run my own guiding business, for some extra income. I plan on being as successful as possible and I think being known will definitely help a business. So say what you want about my videos, a lot of people seem to like them, and i'm not going to let you bum me out about them, as for gear I buy my own, working on the weekends. So say whatever you want i dont give 2 shits, your the one wasting your time.

he has 13 posts, which is good, you have 396 posts, and most likely 386 of those are just beaks to other members on the site. get a life

Hey Kid, just a wee bit of advise.If you are serious about being a guide making an income in the sport fishing industry, keep out of the mudslinging on these forums.I know you didn't throw the first stone, but it will do you no good to get drawn in to this sort of thing and it can only hurt you in the long run.
There are many guides out there, and several on the forums.Most of the respected ones will not get too defensive of criticism .
Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the winter season

thankyou for the advice prunehands, I really do appreciate it. I wont sink down to his level.. it is not worth it. thanks

ok, like I said, some of my videos are informative, some are not, my first bull trout video I talked about my setup, and where abouts to find the bulls, this one I did not. Sorry if i upset you, i'm wrong end of story im done wasting my time arguing over something that I did not start.
Bass man

dude nice job

Keep up the videos! People appreciate them and there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting them.

Thanks guys!

cool vid. Do you mention what river it is, or did I miss that?
Cool vid.

It's a great vid !! keep up the good work

I really liked your first vid and this was pretty good also, so yeah I subscribed. Thanks for sharing and keep um coming!

I have tried beads with a fly rod, but its tough at that location. Mind sharing your set up? Were you using a conventional steel/salmon float set up, just finished with a bead ~1.5 inches above a No 6-8 hook?

You shall never tell anyone about that river.....

-B you know who i am lol

We were using just a regular drift setup with the bead rigged as you mentioned.

Thanks guys! Yes all I am using is a 25 g float(modified) stick through it and tubing on each side spit shots, small swivel, about 16-18 inches of 10lb leader and a small hook, oh and obviously a bead that I custom painted (orange) i pegged the bead about 2 inches above the hook. I may make a follow up video with more info on my setup, and other details

my guess is a squamish area system. Ive fished a lot of different water around and outside the lower mainland and have never seen that bridge or pool
fell in

Nice Vid man! looks like a great day..


Hey SFBC, you must have caught them all, there were none there today!

PS were you there Saturday or Sunday? Just checking water levels to see how different conditions were. Today was very low and crystal. I was wading where you were casting (maybe that was my problem, lol.

haha Knnn I was indeed there on Friday(yesterday) and caught 7, except I fished the channel just above the spot in the video.

water was also low, and I could even see the fish, first light is when I got 5, then I only landed 2 more throughout the rest of the day.

Went for a little while this evening, hooked 3 landed 2. 1 being a nice rainbow

O man, that sucks........for me.

Nice job.

haha if one bead is not producing...switch colours! tight lines

hey there sportBC

shoot me an e-mail pls.

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