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hawg hunter

Had a pretty good outing today. Had many hook ups but only landed a chum and a Jack. Did manage to do my part for future runs. This Big guy took a wrong turn and was flapping aroud in about 6 inches of water. Revived and sent him back into the main channel.
hawg hunter

Other fish landed.
hawg hunter

And another one.

nice pics hawg! was this the vedder with no rain?

nice putting that big guy back into the main channel hawg, good on ya.
hawg hunter

el-nino, these are pictures from today.

did you get the jack in the chin?

Where were you fishing?

Nice catch!!
hawg hunter

3fish, was fishing the lower river.

what about the jack! why is there a gash on his neck/chin

who cares, just shut up fishfinder
Louis Vuitton

Fishfinder: if you live naturally in a suspended state, and were/are made from skin and other generally soft tissues, and were caught in the mouth, I'm sure your going to get cut up wriggling and squirming around on a shitload of rocks. But who knows


Great Job.

yeah but he could have flossed it!!!!

what are you talking about fishfinder? Hawghunter doesn't floss!stop stirring up shit.
The Yak

SO what if people floss.... It's an accepted way of fishing here on the west coast. Ya Ya go on about how flossing is snagging blah blah blah... you're right... but when is the last time you heard of someone getting fined by the DFO for flossing?... Thats right... it doesnt happen.

I dont like flossing either but he sooner you give up the lame ass arguments about it and the morality of it all (if you want to go there) we all are going to just have to tune out all the crap from the flossing debate...

Waste your time calling the DFO about your issues... maybe they will listen...

But like i said... im not a flosser... but dont care if others do.. thats just's a legal way to fish so give it up until the rules change.
The real Steelyslayer

Any time you call DFO it is a fawken waste of time! DFO are an urban legend, there is no such thing


Could that have come from the gutting of the gills? Comment??


Are you speaking from experiance about snag marks on your chin there Faggit Joe?

The Yak

FishFinder: who cares really?..

Louis Vuitton

So, at least he'll know his mom still loves him.
And you wonder why no one wants to start new topics or put up pics. Ignore the trolls Hawgs.

Glad to see that The real Steelyslayer still rants on about DFO and FishFinder is still stuck on the flossing. I think you do more to promte flossing than what you do to stop it by bringing it up over and over. You asume that every fish was flossed or you want to know if they guy did. This flossing must work well becuse you sure seem to stick to your guns and promote the hell out of it. I thought after not going on this board for a month things would have changed. Too bad this use to be a good site. I guess the two of you have nothing else to do in life other than to go on about the same thing. If it wasn't for DFO our stocks would be worse off than what they are now. Maybe you should look at all of the good work they are doing in this prov, yes it's not 100% but if you really new anything about how the whole system works then you might have a better understanding of process.Why don't you think about this. Take $1000,000 and you have to spend it on 500 river systems, Lic managment and river managment. Then you add in changing water temps, seal populations, a commercial fishing fleet, the native fishery and a bunch of sports fishermen and lets see how well you can manage things? yes the system is @#$% up! why can't you just talk about or praise a guy for catching a fish. With my work with salmon enhancment I seem to remember seeing many gashes on fish, rotting flesh, missing fins and even cheeks rubbed through to the bone. But I don't remember seeing any flosssing going on. I wonder what caused it??? Well, I have waisted enough time on this site! I'm going fishing.

Hey all,

I floss and proud of it!!

Look mom, no cavities

Ignore the trolls!! Nice fish & pictures Hawg

Great fish, and nice on ya for saving the big one for another day Hawgs.

By the way, great fish. Hope I'm hald as lucky this week. Thats one nice hog.

beautiful fish . thanks for posting your story. that is why i check here..... to hear how the fishing is. i am sick and tired of hearing from some of the mebers. this is not a site for sexual comments, constantly calling people faggits, constantly deciding someone snagged a fish when you weren't there........... i have caught lots of fish with marks on them. who knows how they got there. maybe it rubbed a rock or snag or escaped a net. get a life guys and leave us alone. we want to talk fishing!

HAWG, where's the CAMO today??

I think you flossed the fish - didn't you!! Just kidding buddy. You and I and the brother in law should get together in the next couple of days to wet a couple lines. I hope you know who this is by now (Your Brother from the East)
fisher 696

I have fished the Chedder(sic) and I can tell you that there is more than one person who fishes it.Perhaps someone hooked it in the jaw then did the right thing and released it, only to be caught in the mouth later. OK OK I know that the chances of a release are slim but it could happen. Back in 03 I saw a guy put one back.

You are allowed to keep a fish if it is hooked from the gill plate to the mouth so it not like a crime if you keep it
chum man

Hey Hawg Hunter, good on ya for saving that monster spring! Now it will, hopefully, live up until it spawns and dies, or goes to the hatchery, whichever comes first!


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