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Anyone have an idea why someone would be cutting perfect 90 degree corners out of salmon heads? Here is a picture of one but many where like this and it was not near a busy fishing spot about a 1 hour hike off a regular fishing spot.

Fish head soup is the only thing I can think; however, most people who eat that also like the meat. Maybe the meat is so bad, but the heads make good soup?

Salmon heads make great sturgeon bait. Normally you keep the whole fish to eat and use the head, but some people don't follow the rules.

Could have been fisheries doing a count, I know when they count dead chinook they cut them in half so they don't get counted twice.

Most likely had a pit tag in its head, people doing spawning surveys would scan dead fish with an electronic reader and remove any that are found to be read back at a laboratory.

Its the same reason why dfo asks for coho and chinook heads to be submitted

Thought of that too Cutfisher, till he said an hour hike from any fishing spots.
My guess is someone grabbing roe and carried the fish for awhile so they'd be legal if checked.When they figured they were clear, they dumped it.
I don't think they tag chum.I could be wrong..
How many were there?

Roe? That fish spawned weeks ago

Who's to say how long it was laying there ?

Thank you for all replies. I didn't think they tagged Chum Salmon but now knowing the heads are good sturgeon bait it could be someone collecting free bait. Just the precise angle of cut is what caught my eye

Fishing forum > Dead Chum @ Vedder


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