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I'm guessing the Squish is highish - but anyone been out last day? conditions? also cheekamouse any good condition wise?


Was up there last weekend. The water is still pretty murky and your right it was highish but still fishable. Managed to get a chum on the fly. We just have to wait for the weather to cool down for conditions to prime!


sounds like remembrance day is what we're looking at.

NICE CHUM! must have put up a fight.

Water pretty clear but not many fish around.


Mefish are you fly fishing?

I was there flyfishing; but that photo is of the fellow next to me (as you can see not exactly shoulder to shoulder lol).

I got into some dark chum but very very sparse. If you intend to go up there I'd suggest higher up squamish maybe past marker 22 and up.

That said the water wasn't bad - just lack of fishes. It's nothing like it used to be before the CN trail derailment murdered that run. Tragic really.

Hey guys, sorry about the noob question; but, where is the 22 marker? I'm assuming it's 22 Kms north of Squamish on Squamish Valley Rd? I've never been up that far.
Is the Squamish Valley Campground a good place to stay while fishing up there? Thanks.


Take the highway up towards Squamish and drive past the town. About 10 mins later you will get to Alice Lake Provincial Park turnoff on Highway 99, turn west onto Squamish Valley Road (SVR). Stay on SVR all the way until the end when it turns into a dirt road (you don't need a 4wd)...just keep driving up and you will see the Squamish river on the left side of you....there will be posts on the road that say at what "mile marker" you are at...look for markers past the 20 mark (anywhere from 20 to all the way past 30 or MORE can be good)..and slow down..park the car and explore. You will find lots of pockets of very fishable water. Either drift fish with a float/wool (green or red or pink is good)...or chuck spinners or spoons. Good luck.,+BC/@49.8122164,-123.1745856,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x5486f815ac782d73:0xafa96868495a11db?hl=en

Suprised to hear mefish you werent getting into any fresh fish i was there 2 weeks ago when the river was pretty high and it was non stop action. Whats your setup like? The directions that mefish gave are right on. Youll eventually get too a large wooden bridge on your left that crosses the river. If you cross the bridge and make your first right there is a campground with outhouses and firepits its nice. Ive stayed there before. Its right on the river so fishing is easy.


Was there today, all three rivers actually.
Only went up about 10km on the SVR and saw lots of spawning fish so didn't really give it a shot and the water was quite shallow. The mamquam was dead, very few fish, talked to a couple other guys and they didn't get anything either. The cheakamus wasn't much better, one fish was hooked but came off quickly. Great day on the water though, water was extremely clear for those rivers, lots of eagles, and a great view.

Hooked a couple chum on the cheak on pink jigs! However I would really want to catch some bull trout.

.didnt see any....anyone else having bull trout luck?

Where abouts you fishing? I talked to some fly guys and they got into some bull trout just above the bridge on the cheakamus.

I was short floating a pink jig about a 5 min walk down from the cheak bridge ( down that trail) a couple chum! I just want to catch and of course release a bull, I guess eggs, salmon flesh and scullins are better bets, but everyone tells me these predatory fish will take whatever you put in front of them

Those fly guys looked to be using some kind of eggs and they were quite successful, in the short time I was there, they got two nice bulls. When does fishing taper off on this system or has it already?

When i was there it was still extremely merky and had poor visibility, so that could have affected presentation a lot...for salmon its tapering now, but i believe bull trout can be good through the winter as they feed off salmon eggs and rotting salmon flesh.

I recently caught a nice bull on the Mamquam using a pink jig, so it is possible, However, the best technique (IMHO) would be to dead drift an egg pattern under an indicator. If you swing/strip and fly, or use spoons etc, you will snag a lot of stale fish and have to break off a lot. If you dead drift an egg pattern or trout bead on a 6 wt the offering will drift safely past the salmon, to the trout who will be feeding on lose eggs downstream of the salmon.


If using an egg patter and indicator on the fly rod do I need to put weight on it? Rooky question but I am new to the flt fishing game...thnx

yeah some use a small swivel like a choronomid set up and/or a small split shot. Search google for nymph/egg pattern/indicator set ups, such as this:

Thanks bud

so generally the slip shot is about 16 inches up from the egg it sounds, but i still have a couple questions, how much weight should the slip shot be? willl 1/4 oz. do? and how far up for the indicator? thanks a bunch

As to the weight of the split shot you don't need much because all you are doing is making sure the egg pattern gets down into the feeding zone. The weight is not there to help you cast because the fly rod does that with no problem. You only need just enough weight to get the egg pattern down to the feeding zone, so less weight is required in calmer water.

Actually the more weight you have the more difficult it will be to cast with the fly rod. If you buy the already weighted egg patterns you would not need the lead at all.

The indicator is set to whatever depth is required to suspend the egg just off the bottom. That is where the fish will be expecting the natural eggs to be drifting.

I presume you will try the slip strike indicators as per chironomide fishing. They are easy to adjust and small enough to cast with the fly rod. If you are not familier with these, this should help:

If you want to make your own egg patterns:

I'm not sure if you mentioned you would be using a fly rod. However you can also drift egg patterns with a conventional float rig. Fishing with trout beads can be equally effective.

Great information! i hope to be able to hook into one of these guys soon!



Let us know how it goes.

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