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Has anyone tried going for chum yet?
Thinking of trying to see if i can hook into an early one this weekend.

They are here, not in huge numbers, but they are there.

Caught one near hope a few weeks back and a friend release a chum at Peg a few days ago. No heard anything from the tributaries yet, but I'm sure they are around. Try fishing for them and you probably also catch Hoes and springs.

Where do you think is the best bet, stave, vedder or somewhere else?

Stave or Harrison would be your best bet

Stave is probably your easiest bet if you don't have a boat.

Dump why can't I ask these questions if I do not know the answer to them? Isn't this what this site is for? Im sorry but not everyone has enough free time like you to go out and fish all the time. Get off my back.

dump........this is a forum for fishing..not complaining. he got two good answers and then he got an answer from you. Dont come on here picking on people because they have a question and you feel they shouldnt get a response. Unlike you im sure he'll report back with his results for the rest of us.......thats why we have a help each other with fishing.

Jesus H Christ there Yammy 2 stroker, it's coho season !!!!!, save them chum jigs of yours for later on bud.

Totally agree with Dump. If you fish long enough you'll know when fish are moving in. Back in my younger days we'd keep logs and have a rough idea when they'd be coming in. If nothing was biting, we'd crack a few beers and enjoy the day with usually very few people around us. If you worried about getting skunked then just wait till peak season.

Stave has good numbers, as well as harrison, i would have to look at my notes for which one i have found come in a sooner. If you don't want to go get skunked like said above wait till the crowds show up. If you want to go fish then go out there. Just flip some purple jigs out there if your going for chums.

Like Bently said why fish for dogs, with silvers are in the rivers?

listen guys.....all he asked was"has anyone gone for chum yet?"
How this question deserves a response like yours i really don't understand. This is a forum for fishing talk. If this person irritates you then just not answer. No offense to you Dumptruck but i hope you understand. Yes i know its coho season but there are thousands of anglers that love fighting chum.

Dumptruck, i have way more than one report. Usually when i have good luck or when i go out fishing, i write a report on the forum and let everyone know how it went. Just because i have been on this forum for 4 years doesn't mean that i am a good fisherman or have had tons of luck and am automatically a salmon fishing expert... I am not asking for secret spots or how to catch chum, i am just wondering if they are coming through the system yet. Besides, if you do not like something that I am doing just ignore it, you do not have to comment on everything that I post... Every time i went fishing for coho i have never gotten one so i am a ho virgin but maybe this year i will get one. It's not easy to be a good fisherman when you don't have a lot of free time to actually go and fish. Thanks for your replies, if everything pans out ill try stave this weekend.

Dump if your so confident that i know how to catch everything, why would i ask these questions? For fun?
Besides, what have you contributed to the forum? All i have been seeing you is ranting about everyone and everything but yourself...

Let's keep this thread on topic,
I was at the stave last weekend and there was nobody in sight, and I caught two chum, both quite chrome.

Where did you park, what time of day, what did you use, how did you use it, what exact spot did you fish from(to the pebble) what did you have for breakfast, did you pass stool that morning?...

I think I know what Dump is getting at and that is why ask? Why not just go? What exactly are you hoping to accomplish by asking? Because honestly it does sound like laziness. It sounds like "Rather than going out and exploring, I'll try on the internet first." I totally understand you might not have much free time but then wait till peak season unless you enjoy just getting out for the day.

As for the why go after chum and not hos? I can certainly see people having a blast for chum. They are much easier to catch than coho. Less searching for them, they come to you.

Good luck at the Stave YZ125.
I wish you catch chrom chum.
Fish'n BC

Hey YZ125; email me at, I have some info for you.

Thanks guys! I will definitely let you know how it goes!

So i went out to stave this morning with my dad.
Floated different colours and sizes of jigs for about 4 hours both sides of Stave river and got nothing.
There was about 12 other fisherman who flossed/fly fished/roe and also got nothing.
Saw two chum jump the whole morning.
I guess its too early?

There are fish around but it is still early, it should pick up in October. Mid-Oct is prime time for that river.

Excellent report YZ.


No worries.
Nothing but a hurt ego.
Ill be back out there this weekend, ill let you know how it goes again.
Hopefully with some fish pictures hahah!

Should pick up next weekend with hopefully some rain this week. I'll be out with my new pin.

Rain won't push chum in the Stave like other rivers as the levels are always pretty decent.

^I would disagree, the rain does get fish moving through the fraser river, and the stave river too. Last year I fished one day and did great, lots of fish, river level is just fine. A week later, water is extremely low and fish are scarce.

Went to Stave yesterday for a couple hours and tossed everything I had incl rowe, spoons, spinners and jigs few other people and a couple boats also got nothing. Few fish jumping in the bowl and that's about all the action I saw, I think in another week or two should be a lot more fish in there.

Fishing forum > Any Chum coming through yet?


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