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Wondering how the fishing is by " bannana island" by chase. Heard sockeye fishing was slow.

it is VERY slow. I have spent a lot of time there in the last 2 weeks. NOTHING! a buddy caught a jack on Sunday. the only fish I have even heard about being caught from shore. usually I have 5 to 10 fish landed at least by now.

Thanks. They were commercial netting 7 days ago at the mouth of the fraser. Wonder if that's a reason. Still think I'll head out with the kids. Can't catch em if your rods not in.

i keep saying that too! likely there tomorrow morning too.

Any fish this morn cagey. Nothing yesterday for me.

could not get down to give all my roe to the pike minnows! will donate tomorrow.

You seeing any fish yet. Going again tmrw. Hoping for a couple smokers.

Lots of jacks. Where's all the big ones. ???

the jacks showed up the other day. I ask the same question about the big ones. I saw a silver 8 lb fish caught by my friend from Vernon . ( she always shows the boys up ) a friend got a 15 lb doe Tuesday but those are the only adult fish I have heard of being caught at the bottom end of Banana Island. I've landed 15 or more by this time other years but not one this year. between me and a couple of friends there has not been a day since late August that one of us hasn't been there at sunrise and I have been there several evenings as well A bad year for the South T.

I got my chinook on the Shuswap. This was strictly for the kids today. And we landed and released 11 jacks. And kept 2 for dinner. Good day. But was hoping fir a die to replenish some roe before coho season in chilliwak.

I had to buy roe at Surplus yesterday! I got a 50 cm jack today that I tagged. one other I kept was 48 cm so the barbe will be hot tonight !
My friends from Vernon got a 15 lb fish yesterday and another today. finally some fish are showing. too late though ! There sure are tons of jacks this year though.

WOW...thats all I have to say about this word of a lie we had 21-24 on today!!.....secret spot with secret additive in the roe, lol........the 2 of of us limited out (well almost i guess, lol) with 4 adults and 3 jacks that we kept.....handed 4 bigguns off for others who were not near as fortunate as us today (as apparently most were??)......we actually kept getting the bigguns and losing the jacks so could not get our limit on them, lol....lost many others as well, and released a few.....seriously nothing short of spectacular for us today with by a long shot (including out in the ocean) personal best salmon days ever...and this was only 4.5hrs!!
Believe it or not no matter to me! lol.....the adults we kept were 2x7 1x12 and 1x17.....4 we handed off were 10-15 with 1 pushing 20.
Will shoot you an email cagey.

Hey TR78...."I got my chinook on the Shuswap. This was strictly for the kids today. And we landed and released 11 jacks. And kept 2 for dinner. Good day"

Hate making a post like this after such an epic day on the south T, but the shuswap river hey?.....WTF???.....Closed since sept 12th.

Hey Mzmann, before you make an ass out of yourself. Yes, you are right Shuswap River is closed, But is there any chance he was talking about Little Shuswap Lake? I'm not trying to start something, I'm just sick of the smart ass remarks on this site. No offence ment to be taken. Sounds like you had a good day. Congrats, I haven't even got one this year.

Thanks tips. Got my chinook in early sept. Was just stating.

Yes, indeed I did think of that however considering one would usually say whether lake or river or most would even just have said "little" in the first place, I think it's a pretty safe thought...and even more so when we the thread is talking about the salmon rivers....if not then i absolutely do apologize and have no problem eating crow so to speak but one may want to clarify next time to prevent a pretty normal deduction considering the details. Again, my bad if not and apologies to the op if so.

And I also choose my words carefully basically saying (as per details) that if it was the river and within days of his post then he would have been dead wrong in doing so....simple as that.

settle down boys.....well the season on the South T. is now over. I managed to tag a couple yesterday and caught a ton of jacks. never seen such a big run of year is too far away. will have to try for coho sometime this fall I guess.

you will see it in due course. I actually remembered to take a photo. now to download it!
the fish is a lot further away from the ocean than yours but it was silver by our standards. and, Dump, the picture will be a lot better than your......better background for the fish (lol)

Here you are Dump.......probably wouyld go over 8 pounds if I fed it enough lead like some of the posters must do!
check out the beautiful back ground (and handsome old dude holding it.

in fairness to the fish the picture was about 20 minutes after landing. they go grey pretty quick up here .
it will taste just fine.
as for the holder of the fish, I cannot imagine how you will look at my age!
I'll have to get out on the lake down the road and show you what a silver 6 lb. trout caught on the fly looks like ( as long as I can catch one that small )but it will be a few weeks away as I have to swich to filling the freezer with some venison.

any time, come on up. I live 400 yds from it. I was not able to fish this spring but believe me a 6 pounder is not unusual . they go up to about 10 pounds. Two of my neighbours sat on their dock this spring drinking some cool ones . a guy dropped anchor and fished chironomids. in 2 hours they saw him land 11 fish over 5 pounds. There have been lots of boats out lately so assume it is picking up after all the hot weather.

On Thursday, fished the Thompson by Savona for some last sockeye action.
All and all it was a satisfying trip all the way from Vernon despite the colorful socks.
Landed many including a chrome hoe that was released.
Socks were definitely in alot worse shape than the ones caught in the Fraser, but I kept 4 in believing the fisherman's saying, "Its good if you smoke it."
I am very curious how they will turn out from the big chief I recently purchased.
The river below the Kamloops lake is open till the 20th and require the classified and steelhead licenses.

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