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Hey guys. I recently took up fishing as of about a year ago. I shore fish smaller lakes in the lower mainland area (green timbers, grace lake, mill lake, etc...). Without much experience I just decided to do a little homework and to trial-and-error it, but I haven't had much success with any techniques I try. Hoping to find some seasoned trout fishers willing to share some tips.

I usually try a simple bottom rig with power bait nuggets. From what I hear trout like silver spoons so I've tried my hand at those lures. More recently I picked up a couple pre-made flies with a float and tried that.

Here are some "pictures" of the set-ups. You'll have to excuse any ignorance on this stuff, anything I know is strictly from looking up videos and diagrams online.

Any tips?

basic float/fly set-up

I have a few tips from experience in lower mainland lakes.

Lures - work great but go small, trout around here are not big, but there are tons. A little trout will attack a pretty big lure but generally you should go as small as you can for lures you find in local stores.

Fly under a float - use a water float, its a clear plastic float that you can fill with as much or as little water in the float that you want. That way the float has weight to it and you dont have to add a to your line. If you fill it half way with water it will float, and cast a mile. I use a 10 foot leader from float to fly, long leaders help not spook the fish as much as the fly will be further from the float, but long leaders can be hard to cast so use as long as you can comfortably cast.

Bottum rig works but is not good for catch and release as the fish swallow the bait.

If you arent trying to catch for food you should consider using barbless hooks... Barbs rape fish and arent all that necessary.

And almost forgit the most important thing. Use 6lb main line so you can cast far and 4lb leader.. The fish will bite more as thicker line is more visible and casts less far.

keep trying! watch other fishermen to see what they are doing. hope your luck improves.

Quick replies! Thanks guys. I usually use a 6 lbs leader (tried all the "invisible" types) but I will definitely try and go with a 4 lbs set-up. Any particular type of line?

I took the barbless hook idea from a nearby fisherman and have stuck to it since. Any recommendations on hooks... silver/black/coloured?

For flies - would you recommend having a dry/floating fly, or something below the surface?

Thanks again

10' leader? 8' leader? Ok for fly fishing, but how do you retrieve w/ a light spinning rig on a ~5' poll?

I attache a 4 pound fluorocarbon line to all my trout hooks/spinners, etc. I usually use ~20-24".

Talk to different fishermen at each lake you fish. You'll notice a pattern of what works and what doesn't. Also, as mentioned before, go small at the local stocked lakes. Riverside tackle in PoCo introduced me to what I thought was the smallest lure in the world. Sure enough, it attracts the fish and great fun for my son and I.

maybe bait is an issue. experiment with earth worms or single salmon eggs. the lakes will get stockings soon so it will get better for you.

People swear by powerbait for any stocked lakes/farmed trout and I've seen guys have loads of success with it... I'm just not as lucky I guess! Picked up about a dozen flies today, some black spratleys along with a bunch of others, gonna throw a lengthy 4lbs leader and see what happens tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tips I will let you know if it works out!

dylb , I have my own trick with shrimps . u can buy them at any store (superstore ones are pretty small and I think they r the best ... ) make sure they are cooked .
u can use them as they are , or u can do as I do - add some cure in ziplock - put some shrimps in it and after closing ziplock rotate em gentle until u will see that they changed color (I like pink and red) . the bonus of the cured shrimps is they will be more noticeable , and most of cure got smell of krill ( and trout goes wild on krill ) , and they will be easier to put on a hook and stay longer ...

aaron saw how that works

Thanks again for all the tips! Put some dry and wet flies to use with about 8 feet of 4lb lead, was slow at first but finally broke the curse with a spratley and snagged a rainbow trout.

Definitely added a few techniques that I can try from here on out, hopefully my luck will change

Thanks again!

it's slow this time of year in the lowermainland lakes. as it gets colder towards the end of setpember the trout fishing in local lakes will pick up. the trout are much more active in the spring/fall, even winter is better than summer imo lol

aaron lets go get a big one on a fly in fraser
p.s. lost 3 today (((

Fishing forum > Trout fishing tips


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