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Probably visitng my bro soon in Mission and havent hear much from that area this year.

Anyone hear of any success on the Mission bridge bar? Or areas nearby?
Hi Speed

very busy will be a gong show at the boat launch this weekend

What about shore access bars? Either side I can get anywhere, just looking for this years salmon lanes. Ill only be there a few days.

Not sure what species youre fishing for but sockeye in the tidal is a waste of time. If you are targeting springs just go to the abby side in the park under the mission bridge. Dont expect much but I guess there is always a chance

Not looking for sockeye. Was going to bar fiah with roe and a spin and glow at the park under the mission brisge abby side.

Just not sure if its producint and seeing as wont be out in mission for long I figured I would ask.

Does anyonw know if its worth fishing for aprings in tidal? They bite but is it rare? Even at narrow spots like brownsville? Do the springs travel in the deep spots in tidal like 40ft?

Ive seen one caught on a fly below the bridge during pink season in 2011, was pretty surprised to see it. It is possible but chances are slim.

Lol. One pink? Mission bridge isn't a secret so I hope you're not trying to be sly... You must of been there for 10 mins and left.

I fish mostly Squamish for pinks for their freshness but when I wanna toss my 6wt locally I go under the bridge. That whole shoreline from tidal to up beyond the bend up river is loaded with schools pushing through of pinks. 5 year old kids landing pinks all day long.

Anyways... Production for bar fishing under there is tough due to the lack of current. Most bar fishing is further up where current picks up.

Ive put many hours into that area with my bar rig and have had my bell rung 3 times. No hook ups tho. You will need 12-16oz and cast out beyond the first support of the bridge. It's hard.. So I hope you know how to load up your bar rod when casting.

Also... If you move further down river about 20yards beyond where the tree line starts with the parking lot/camp area you can find some slightly faster moving water for bar rigging.

Bring mosquito repellant and don't use roe... You will be snagging pea mouth all day down there.

Thanks Goin Fishin. Love Fenwicks too btw. I have an 9'6" ultra light noodle hmx rated 2-6lb line. Love it to death! I can catch fish up to 10lb without trouble.. It bends in a U to the cork and wont break. Its rated for 5/8 oz lures max but i toss 1-2oz without any problems.

I bought a convergence with my new abu 6601c4 and wish they had medium heavy fenwicks but they only had medium

Ive fished the other side of the mission bride up near the info centre but never caught a salmon there once with months spent fishinf there. Sturfeon, course fish, cutt throat, bull trout, and even the odd rainbow (somehow).

12oz needed to anchor your rig? Thats fast enough water to spin a spin n glow?

What about up by the slaughterhouse bar? Is there really no consistency anywheee nearby?

Thats saddening as I would love to travel but have no vehicle. Guess we might have to fish course fish for our fun.

Thanks for all the info.
Fish'n BC

Seen a number of springs caught under the Mission bridge last year including several by myself, all on spinners. I have yet to see a spring caught on a bar rig there, but Duncan Bar near Fort Langly is reportedly a good tidal bar fishing place.

Might also want to consider giving Slide bar a try, it's just a little further up from Slaughterhouse.

Wish I got into ultra lights when I was a kid. That's what I'll be getting my son and daughter into. My dad always had us fishing rainbows with medium 7ft spin rods and those things would snap 6lb test due to lack of flex!

Is your convergence your bar rod(I hope not!)

I have a 12' 15-40lb okuma that I can load up 20oz and bomb it out.. But that's pushing it.

Yeah i dont have much money and my gf helped me buy the abu/conv so I had to make a decision as to what would be okay for a variety of different styles of fishing. My convergence is my bar rod yes. Its 12-25lb and slow action... Love the sensitivity and bend it can handle. Itll be for drifting for salmon, bar fishing, and heavy lure fishing.

Keep in mind 95% of my bar fishing is in tidal in new west.

When I have rhe money I'll get the 10ft penn persuit heavy combo at Berry's. Holds like 400 yards of 65lb braid, very smooth spinning reel and strong rod, for like 139.99 or 109.99 on sale.

Don't throw more than 5oz with that convergence. It's not a bar rod. It'll also show you the lure weight allowed. Decent rod for salmon tho! Toss some buzz bombs for coho at ambleside(u live there right? :p )

I've never bar fished the lower/entrance of the fraser because it's way too slack for bar fishing.

Furthest I would go in tidal is probably fort Langley area.

Would love to crack some beers with ya and smash some chum on the stave with you and your bro tho. Would be a blast. Can talk more in October bout that

Thats why I said for tidal haha. Its rated 2 oz max. I would feel safe with 5 oz as long as I dont whip it with all ive got.

5oz in oct is all Ineed in new west. 2 oz would work haha. Its a good rod it seems but definitely no fenwick. It is very slack but lures work great and for bar fishing its roe or nothing, and roe works great in oct once bait ban lifts.

Id enjoy that too. When do coho and chum show up in the stave? First few weeks of sept? I look forward to that

Still trying to figure out the levelwind reel. Had a bad birdsnest my first day and lost half my line. I seem to be able to throw heavy weights far and easily with the spool tension very light but when I have less than 1 oz of lure and cast far, even with spool tension tight, it birds nest a lot. I need practice hahaha.

it takes sole Aaron to cast light lures long distances. If you find it let us all know where to find it ! (lol)

Has anyone shown you how to cast it? Like hands on not just youtube.

You probably know to tighten the spool tension just enough to allow the lure to not quite free fall once you click the thumb bar right?

Biggest problem is when casting, put your thumb on the spool and stop the spool from spinner BEFORE your lure hits the water. That was my problem.

I currently run a C3 with upgraded parts from a local reel repair. Once you get the hang of it, there's really nothing else that's better casting.

Drifting is best with centerpin for the free spool, no drag drift but casting... Bait cast gets the distance and gear ratio to bring it back quickly.

I'll be tossing flies on my 7-8weight by the first/second week of October in the stave for dogs. It's messy and smelly out there but Frick is it fun.

Chum are yum in the smoker to boot.

GF, mind sharing what fly's you use? I have recently acquired an 8 wt SH and want to try chum on the fly.

I had great success with pink and purple jigs at the stave, so I presume the same colours in a fly would work just as well? Do you swing or strip them for best effect?

Think big, then go bigger. Want some flash, lots of material and any colour will do. I've landed chum on the stave, but caught wind of another river I may want to toss some flies at.

When targeting chum on the fly, just think steelhead and your should be good. Purples, dark pinks, cerise. Etc.

This is the fly I'm attempting to tie now(off google) and I'm a stripper with my big material ones, the "smaller"/less bulky flies I will drift and strip.

Chum are stupid aggressive. They'll hit whatever moves in their face. Make sure your reel has a decent drag, or Palm the reel if you can. They're quite strong with a 7/8wt

Swinging them down for chums works well. Like stated above, they are aggressive they will hit a lot of things. Stripping i find works better in frog water coho, with little spare flies are where it is at on the river when its low and clear.
Fishin how has your season been going? If you looking for some easy salmon flies try some popsicles and palmer the marabou it adds a nice even distibution. Springs and chums love them. Orange, yellow, and red for springs mixed. Sometimes throwing some black in there works well. Blue, pink, white, purple for chum in any variations, you can always by some squiggly legs as well and flash into both.

Never tried tossing flies yet for springs ya crazy bastard. Chum are feisty enough on my current gear.

Popsicle looks perfect though. Thanks for the tip.

My season is pretty slow. Been out sturgeon fishing a few times(this year being my first season) with a buddy from new job. Fuxk it's a riot every time.

Salmon season I've managed almost a dozen socks. Running out of free time with the new baby.

Just waitng for chum and coho. Would like to toss some flies in vedder for coho this season.

I see your socks season is going quite well.

Thanks GF and MJ.

Yeah sock's are going good a few springs on the salt chuck as well. Hunting season starts now so no more fishing till mid october, when the coho come in.
Haha yeah springs are crazy on the fly. I use my 9wt and even then i have to have lots of backing.

I hear laidlaw is getting pretty good right about now. If you guys are looking for a bar to fish. Trying to keep the thread on topic.
silver and orange spin n glos have been my ticket for bar fishing springs for me over the years. They should be rolling in in numbers soon

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