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Mount Polley mine traillings pond breach

One of the largest environmental assaults in British Columbia is now unfolding and will have devastating short and long term impacts on our most valuable commodity (Salmon/fish {Sockeye more specifically}) and its inhabitants which rely on it.

The spill drains into Quesnel Lake, which drains into Quesnel River, which drains into the Fraser River. With the amount of heavy metals like mercury in the effluent, don't be surprised to see the entire Quesnel River sockeye salmon run (4mil+ fish) wiped out this year, not to mention the big resident bull trout and rainbow trout in the lake. The long term effect like bioaccumulation may extend to everything that swims in the Fraser River downstream from Quesnel. These sound like exaggerations but I guess we'll find out in the next few months.

Here's what went into the pond in 2013.

Arsenic (and its compounds): 406,122 kg
Lead (and its compounds) 177,041 kg
Nickel (and its compounds) 326 tonnes
Vanadium (except when in an alloy): 5,047 tonnes
Zinc (and its compounds): 2,169 tonnes
Cadmium (and its compounds): 6,487 kg
Cobalt (and its compounds): 475 tonnes
Phosphorus (total): 41,640 tonnes
Copper (and its compounds): 18,413 tonnes
Antimony (and its compounds) 14 tonnes
Manganese (and its compounds): 20,988 tonnes
Mercury (and its compounds): 3,114 kg
Selenium (and its compounds): 46,136 kg

Mount Polley mine trailings pond breach

Can someone tell me if it's safe to fish the Fraser in the non tidal regions? I planned on heading to the Chilliwack area and retaining my fish for consumption. This is a disaster.

Only time will tell.
Very unfortunate, during the peak of salmon migration.

The fact that they knew this was a problem three years ago is brutal.I hope this is treated as a criminal matter and not just an accident .

It is very sad. The person/people responsible should be sent to prison for the rest of their life, with all of their money, if any, confiscated and put towards rehabilitation of the waters and land.

There needs to be an immensive change to humanity or these sort of disastrous accidents wont ever stop happening. It is maddening and pathetic.

It may sound silly but I wish I had superman powers.. I would spend my entire life flying around the world and killing all the fucked up people who ruin it.

Just listened to the press conference with the president of Imperial Metals.
Lots of squirming.Almost an agitated arrogance about him.He was insisting that levels of toxins were very low in the pond.Sounds like bullshit.
As of now , our premier has left things up to the ministry of mining, NOT the ministry of environment, to investigate this mess.

Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Subject: FN0753-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Region 5A - Quesnel and Cariboo Rivers - Salmon Fishery Closure

Due to the breach in a mine tailings dam near Likely, BC, effective immediately
there is no fishing for salmon in the following waters:

-Cariboo River from the confluence of the Quesnel River to the confluence of
Seller Creek; and

-Quesnel River downstream of Poquette Creek.

VO# 2014-355
sharphooks moderator

I was surprised the people left the punishment to the government. There are lots of trees still around. I thought they would have used one during the meeting with the president and his side kick. I am sure they could have found a rope or two.

Fishing forum > Mount Polley Mine Tailings Disaster..


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