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Local saltwater opens Aug 1st for sox
FN 0720
Probably won't get good for another week or so...

Tidal opens August 3rd.

Yeh, not sure why they wouldn't just open them both at the same time.Very few fish are taken from Mission to the lightship anyway,

This happens every year, they open tidal a couple days prior to non-tidal, its very hard to catch a sockeye in the tidal.

"It's very hard to catch a sockeye in the tidal"

I agree with this 100% if you mean tidal Fraser,however the marine areas from sandheads to the QA can be a bloody riot

tidal fraser is what I meant, much easier in the non-tidal.

Yeh, that's what I figured.Good luck out there

how u can get one in tidal ?! any tricks ?!

Marine- flashers and pink hootchies

Tidal Fraser - snag em??

Going to be tough in the tidal fraser. Even snagging isnt easy ( unless you have practise?) I sure dont. But i would love to catch a sock if possible. Im going to try

Non tidal opens Wednesday.

Seems like a good time to remind people to please make sure it's a sockeye with an adipose , BEFORE it is dragged up the rocks.There are other species in the river that are not open for retention .
Happy BBQing everyone

^Yes, and even release sockeye with an adipose because they are heading for Cultus Lake and are endangered.

Someone lend me a spool of 20lb mono and a handful of 1-2oz Betties.

I've got the 2/0 and thread of wool.

Have fun..

going fishing , 20 lbs line isn't enough , I changed 2 pools of 15 lbs line for last 2 days and got 2 broken rods . some big fishy was at the other end . imagine that im holding my rod around 90 degrees up , and the tip of the rod is looking at my toes :D every foot I try to bring the fishy in - fishy is running away by 3-5 feet .

so if I were u I woulda be more careful ) get like 75lbs braided , and a mamonth rod :D

Well that went right over your head... I can't say I expected you to understand though.

A spool of 20lb was referring to leaders and the 12' ppl use to BB for the meat fest.

You don't need a beefed up rod.. You need a salmon rod rated for chinook as it could always happen. I imagine you were using you trout or even coho rod... Lols.

I never use my trout/coho rods in fraser
The old guy beside me told me that was a big sturgeon on the other side . I guess its just my bad luck im not lucky at fishing ((

Ur not unlucky with fishing, u just know very little about it, at least in BC anyway.

sounds to me like he is learning quickly. he is out there fishing all the time it seems. keep up the good work Alex. you will be an "expert" in no time if you keep it up.

ty cagey take me fishing with u I need more exp and practice

Well its been a while since i've ventured on here. There are many ways to catch sockeye in the tidal. BB'ing is one of them in the upper portion on the river. a quick search will show you a picture of the setup.
the middle portion i like to bar fish, my favourite method. You can look this up as well. A tip would be to drill some small holes in the wings to add some more action to the spin n glo, and maybe some scent. You will want a nice gradual gravel bar, and dont worry at first about how far you get the weight out, its hard to cast those big buggers, and i have caught fish 10 ft out before(when my cousin wanted to cast).
The lower part you can bar fish as well. I prefer to go way down and use lots of flashers an downriggers etc. This is difficult to learn if you don't get shown how to do it. I usually use 3 flashers a side hooked up to downriggers.

If you are struggling go to pegleg, gill bar, etc and cast some betties out 40 to 100ft with a 5 ft leader you will get something.

moe I don't like the idea of BB . I like to use bait such as shrimps , prawns and roe . and I don't like ideas of "floss and snags". Im always willing to learn if anyone will to share knowledge .

Fished Sandheads yesterday from 6-12.Managed 10,but fishing was never hot.No double headers,often lulls between fish.All were between 50'-100'.Pink and glo squirts.Leaders around 20"

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