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Hey all, Looking for a 1 wt, possibly 00 wt, 0 wt or 2 wt Fly fishing Rod. Looking for something cheap, as it will probably not get used, only when conditions are favourable. I will probably use a small light spinning reel on it so I really just need the rod but wouldn't mind a reel if its cheap. Let me know if you have something, or know someplace that sells something like this. Looking to spend under $100, the less the better.

all the fly rods under 3wt are 180+ so good luck finding one lol

Yeagers in Bellingham has good deals sometimes too.

Thanks Dumptruck, Canforestguy, not so much bckidfisher.
I will talk to local stores, I couldn't find much info online about a 1 wt, so I thought I would ask for opinions on here. Maybe I would have an easier time find a 2 wt or 3 wt?

so, you want a super-lightweight flyrod, cheap, and you'll probably never use it, and you want to put a spinning reel on it. why a spinning reel on a flyrod? and why so particular about a rod that you "will probably never use"?

@Gearbox, Its a rod that will be used mostly by my son, I will obviously borrow it at times
My son only gets out so much because of school, that is really why use would be limited, but it will still get used, if not by him, by me. It will be used on a lake. I want to put a spinning reel on it to simplify things, my son is very familiar with spinning set ups, not with fly set ups, and I have heard of people using spinning reels on fly fishing rods with success. I like the idea of having a lightweight, very sensitive rod.
@Dumptruck, that is what I will most likely end up doing, I will call a couple of the local tackle shops for advice.
@MrGrey, I would prefer a rod that is a little longer, but let me do some research on that particular rod and I will let you know. Can I get an email I can reach you at?
Thanks all for your time and help, Much Appreciated.

dump, why don't you just change your name to "Oscar the grouch"? cheer up, dude. life's too short to be a bitch all the time. almost everything about his op sounded strange, wanting a super-light flyrod, but wanting to put a spinning reel on it, and he said it would probably never get used anyway. his clarification on it's intended use completely cleared all that up.

wow all i said is there arent many flyrods cheap under 3wt.
The only rod i know thats is cheap is the dragonfly journey 3wt.120$

Fishing forum > 1 wt Fly Fishing Rod


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