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If you are looking for a salt water license and its your first time getting one online, you need to go through the registration system I circled in the picture below.

Once you are registered online it should be pretty easy to get your salt water license.

The part in red at the bottom just says you can't get a freshwater license from the salt water licensing guys.

The way it works is the FEDERAL government (Canada) deals with salt water licensing and the PROVINCIAL government (British Columbia) deals with fresh water licensing.

ty , but I already got 1 last year , will it make easier to get one ? and any other ways but online ?!

If you didn't get your license last year online, you need to register online this year if you want to buy one online. Just click the Register button, I think its pretty easy.

To buy a license offline: I think Canadian Tire used to sell them as well as some of the marinas around town. If you're in Richmond, the marinas in Steveston might be an option but I'm not sure. If you can get to New Westminster or Langley, Army and Navy has them.

ty a lot

Canadian tire doesn't sell em , I`m just from CT

from the info I got , the only way is to get it online only .
because government was paying 2$ per license sold for tackle shops , and this year they cancelled it . that`s the reason why stores don't wanna bother with selling it with no reward for them ...


Thats what highwater told me. That was in march when the lisence year turned over.. They were super busy with selling freshwater lisences but had to deny everyone tidal and told me this was why lol the government

Dumptruck, no offense intended but you sound grumpy.

Alex has no credit card and wanted to buy his tidal license at a store.

We were just discussing it.. Whats wrong or confusing about that?

Most stores stopped selling tidal it seems. Just borrow someones credit card alex n get it done lol.

You should join fishing with rods web site. People there love answering these questions and dont usually get grumpy.

if online is a problem...and it is can try wholesale sports on langley bypass. They will sell you one. I noticed it as well that not many are selling licences as the counter anymore.

dump . honey , just for u , if u want to use ur debit card online - u must fill fields with ur credit card number ... just to let u know before u try to be a smart ass

btw , dump take me fishing with u ) teach me )))

Mama says that dumptruck is ornery because he's got all them teeth and no toothbrush.


dump u can ask aaron how much I talk when I fish and drive
sharphooks moderator

dump, how did you get a licence online without a credit card?

dump 1 more thing for u

Pay With Your Credit Card

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

* Cardholder Name

* Credit Card Number
Visa MasterCard American Express

* Expiry Date(MMYY)

Pay From Your Bank Account

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

and the only * are about credit card .... so im not trying to be a smart ass , im just saying u that's how it works

ty mister moderator I was just about to ask him to buy license w/o credit card online
sharphooks moderator

I think Alex's point is he does not like to give out his banking info on-line, debit or credit card. Is that correct, Alex?

dump its said its somekinda of error if u hit "interact" button :
Sorry, we can not process your request. Please return to merchant.

Return to merchant

u get this ...

point still is u cant get it w/o credit card
or would u buy 1 for me ill give 30$ cash ?!

my offer is still on - u buy me a license w/o credit card - I pay u cash ... r u in ?

I do , I just want u to do it w/o credit card

omg dump , I provided u fact above .
this thread is not for u to argue ,its for ppl like my buddy who called me yesterday - "lets go bar rigging in lower fraser , I can stop by and buy license from tackle shop :D " ...

u can argue as much as u want , but fact is fact , in my situation - I CANT GET IT W/O credit card online .

yes this thread is getting annoying. BUT you do not have to respond Dump......turns out Alex has been correct all the time.
Alex, Dump is not going to show you how to fish. you are doing very well on your own. you see a good fisherman is someone who goes out because he loves it. he respects the fish he catches . you seem well on your way. the only way to figure out how to catch more fish is get out there and fish. read things about how to fish. watch other fishermen who appear to know what they are doing. and remember what the rules are. if you get all that you will be fine. besides who would want to fish with an old grump like dump.........he is worse than me !now, quit arguing, it is getting childish..........please, end of thread !

Hahah dump loves to be a keyboard warrior. Your like one of those old grumpy men who live to yell at people to stay off their lawn lol

Way to contribute YZ... maybe you should get back to trolling youtube comments.

I tried the Interac option and it went to an error screen but when its working you don't need a credit card as dumptruck says. The asterisks that say the field is required information is only for whatever payment method you've chosen.

plzclose this tread mister moderator

p.s. dump I got a summer run steelhead today at vedder :P
guy at fred`s told me he was aiming them for 12 years :D

I want Chinook badly (((((((

will u guide me ? I got roe and beers ))) I really want 1 Chinook . plzzzzzzz

big trout will do it too ) 2-5lbs )

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