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Hey Canforestguy,I'd still be interested in the response you get back from fisheries on this one.Judging by the debate, I figure a few others might want to know also

Yes, I'll post as soon as I hear something. I asked on a Friday so probably wont get a response until Monday or Tuesday.

definitely, let us know.
it is unfortunate fishslayer asked to have his account deleted. I always enjoyed his posts. I certainly hope once things cool down he comes back with a different outlook.
he is only 16 years old. he showed he is too young to debate with the dump.......most of us are !

I did not see anything wrong with what you said. he just reacted like a 16 year old trying to defend himself when he should have just gone on. he forgot that when you are outnumbered the best defence is to do nothing. he went too far on a loosing case.
I like to see photos of fish and always enjoyed his posts. he tried very hard to help others as well as show off all his fishing exploits. he was a much better member than you gave him credit for.
the funny thing is he was probably legal as a FN person with the coho and I suspect legal as well with the bass although the verdict is still out and in the hands of canforestguy ! the pitt marsh was never a slough. it was a huge swamp out there until they dyked it all. I happen to remember what it was like before they dyked it ( I should not brag about being that old. )
as for your coho...where is the picture? lol

In your runners? What area of the city? Nice catch, how big was it?

So it been almost a week and no reply from the CO's..... maybe its the busy season for them?
sharphooks moderator

strange, I got a response on another matter which I put in about the same time. I suspect it will come soon. maybe the expert on the question has been off or something!!

could be... maybe they get routed or spread out amongst CO's and I got a dud (or at least a bad email returner)....

Eureka! An answer!

Thank you for question regarding clarification of legal “hook type” while angling in the Pitt Marsh complex.

In answer to your question, Pitt Marsh is essentially a “still water” or lake-type environment with water levels manipulated through the operation of flap gate devices. As such, the intention is to manage recreational angling using regional “lake” regulations.

Therefore, as far as hook type, you can use either barbed or barbless, single or treble hooks when angling in Pitt Marsh. Your daily quota for bass is 4.

Thanks for letting us know!

Almost a month later but ,hey, it's the government .
Does anyone owe fishslayer an apology?Cant remember.

he was perfectly legal even without status rights.

I don't think any accusations were made regarding the marsh... If I remember the original thread correctly, he had a pic of a bass and a double barbed hook and somebody asked a question about whether it was considered a stream, slough, etc.

some members said his hook was illegal. it was not.

I said it was illegal. I apologize to the kid.

But now I'm more confused! I was checked by 3 fishery officers in Pitt Marsh 3 years ago when I was fly fishing there, for:
1: License
2: Single barbless hook
3: live fish (to keep)

Thanks canforestguy for the information.

Fishing forum > Pitt Marsh...again


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