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Me and my brother were out st a secret lake on the 11th.

8 rainbows 3 kokanee and no fish were poached the limit is 4 rainbows and 5 kokanee.

By secret you mean somewhere between Squamish and west van in the mountains. Lol tons of lakes there if you know how to find them.

Between hope and pemberton haha.

kawkawa ?

Kawasaki is shit now. Filled with boaters jet skis etc lol.

If u had read the regs alex, u'd know kawkawa's limit for kokanee is 4, not 5.

Buntzen Lake

beak if u read thread very well , he wasn't alone assuming limit is not 8 trouts ? is it ?

yuo i was with my brother.4 trout 5 kokanee but i didnt catch asmany kokanee.

Alex, Bckidfisher69 said the kok limit where he was fishing was 5 and Beak just pointed out that the limit in Kawkawa is 4... so that rules out Kawkawa as the spot.

you might have one meal in that sink lol and you wonder why lakes aren't like they use to be keep everything you catch nothing can grow when doing this...

Some of the fish were given to my moms friends.

Close but not nita.

Is this a guessing game now?

sadly , but I have to agree with dump ....

^agreed, and he goes on to respond to the people guessing, on weather they are right or not. Ridiculous!

He's like 10 years old.... its the same as any other little kid saying 'Look Mom!'. Just a cry for attention. Best thing to do is just ignore it and it'll go away.

wow no wonder thers no fish any were--can you plple afford food---sad man

got to agree gearbox. look at his photo and name.........he is a kid. let him be one.

I guess those fish are alive just for a pic in you avatar since you catch and release,if everyone caught their limits and kept them what would happen to our fishery? ohhh something like the fraser river stocks !!

most likely the kid was fishing in a stocked lake. I understand their philosophy at fish.bc (or whoever it is that stock the lakes )is "stock and catch." they put the fish in the lakes to be caught. that is why they use sterile fish. they want to encourage kids to take up the sport.they want kids to experience catching fish.
don't blame a kid who catches his limit for ruining the world. he is doing what he is supposed to do. sooner or later he will get tired of eating all those hatchery trout and will release more if not all. he'll also want to move on to larger fish that us old timers want to keep for ourselves !!! (lol).
now for the secret lake bit. if he said I caught all these fish at smith lake his post would be deluged by a bunch of shit about not broadcasting things over the net......I guess you cannot win. you have a bit of fun which even the old grouch beak joins into and then you get shit..... life is too short. grow up you guys!

man there is some mean people on this board.

bckidfisher. congrats on the catch. there are other local websites where your more likely to actually learn something besides people barraging you with potential regulation violations.

print out a copy of the regs, keep it in your fishing bag or vest and your good to go. and will also be more language appropriate and it has a more intelligent user base.

some of you are way too old to be swearing at kids. the language is deplorable.

starting from after dump post - if u read his post carefully , u can see that we is happy for a kid . point is why post pictures , why play "guess what lake that was" and "how I got em" .
if I understand dump correctly ( and im pretty sure I do now ) , where is no need to make a whole post with picture of fish caught by him and his brother . that`s more like "fishing report" department .
I still think that dump`s point in this thread and the one with fishslayer is fair .

p.s. some ppl getting mad on him and his brother "because they made their limit" - i didn't see anyone asked question if they kept them all ... me , my dad and aaron went to browning , we could leave in under an hour but we kept only "the dead ones" , the ones that's couldn't recover ... and we lasted over 5 hours and had a nice time , and left w/o limit ....

you are learning alex, but that is not what dump said. he was a tad jealous of the nice fish I think ( sorry dump but...). and alex, look at the picture at the start of the thread. looks kinda like bckid kept his limit as did his brother .
and banx , why do you always post the same thing. better yet if this is so bad why do you always stop by. the members are aware of other sites. maybe bckid and others aren't as sensitive as you or something.

cagey my point is not "keeping the limit asap" most of the time i don't even care if i have a chance to let the fish go - i will use it . If i see its almost dead - i keep it , because technically i can let it go by cutting my line , but it will die . so this will be waste of fish .
like i said u can have all 4 hook in the mouth and easy to let them go , or u just "hunt for fish to keep" ...

i think that was the point that some ppl had above

just kidding you about being jealous. BUT he's a kid playing kids games. don't let it bother you. you always say if I don't like what you say don't read it. if it is a kid type thread don't read it.
it may have been a sink full of pan fries to some but to some it was a sink full of beauties. he had a good day. he knew what the regs and abided by them. if he wants to tease others big deal.

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