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hey where were you?i fished the cable pool and other upper river pools but only 1 coho but i lost a steelhead all on the fly.

Are you joking me lol. Where did you fish? I cant entice them to bite. I have been there many times and only got one. What time did you fish? Thought they are lock jawed im shocked

Take me fishing fish slayer. Im 23, relaxed, fly fish usually but sometines spoons/spinners. Ill ride my bike n meet u under the bridge at any time lol.

aaron go fly fishing and ull get em.

i will try and post a pic of a 5 lber i got today.

the fish

another pic but same fish

Hey where where u exactly
I was all over the river nothing

unbelievable ... fishslayer take me too :D teach me too

looks like the fish on top and bottom left are legal.

dumptruck is right

•All retained coho must measure 25 cm or more from tip of nose to tail fork, and all retained chinook, chum, pink, and sockeye must measure 30 cm or more from tip of nose to tail fork.

Capilano River including tributaries.

All Aug 01-Oct 31 Bait ban.

Coho Jan 01-Aug 31 4 hatchery marked fish per day, only 2 over 30 cm.

Sep 01-Dec 31 4 hatchery marked fish per day.

so sad to see that dumptruck is attacking again w/o figuring out the situation ... just wondering if someone wil catch 2 coho 29cm and 2 coho 31cm .. will that be still illegal in his opinion ?!
p.s. lets post pictures with tape measure on a side .

IMHO, I think dumptruck just cares about the resource, Alex, and wants to see it respected so its there for future generations. Instead of people taking whatever they want and then crying ignorance of the rules. Posting a picture of 4 coho and saying you caught your limit is misinformation someone will use. Then they'll tell someone and they'll tell someone else. Because it seems like very few people actually take the time to read the regulations....

canforest , after dump "raped" my brains with that fishy I got on rice lake - I check regs every day and asking more and more questions , cuz in my opinion "no question = 0 knowledge" .

I agree with fishslayer on last part of his post .... dump , there is no point to attack ppl , if u will explain and try to stay calm - many ppl will listen to what u say , instead of attacking back ...

I respect ur point , it make sence , but the ways u try to make it prove - a bit rude ...

Not sure I understand how he 'raped your brains'(maybe its a translation thing)... but thumbs up on the rest of your post that's a great attitude to have

dump , teach me then instead of raping brains take me out fishing

wow this is why i love sharphooks.

bckid - why ?

Out of curiosity; Since being a status native doesn't guarantee access to a reserve, would a status native who isn't a member or resident of the Capilano Indian Reserve be considered poaching if fishing on their land?
sharphooks moderator

fishslayer, you should not be offended by what Dumptruck said. he had no idea you were native . there has never been anything in any of your prior posts to indicate this. in fact once before I recall someone caught you breaking the regs and you were all apologies.
in the future it would be best not to lie on here about fish that you legally keep because of your status rights. teasing everyone with false information is not what I expected of you. Get your act back together ! Nothing wrong with having the advantage that being status gives you . A lot of people on this site have grown to respect you including myself. apologies are in order to 'truck then get back fishing !

Dump, thanks for your perseverance.

25-30 cm is approximately 10-12 inches, which is a pretty narrow range to eye ball. From a practical perspective, if you retain fish, how do you measure a fish when caught. Do you have your roads marked up or do you take a tape measure?

I have a cheap scale/measuring tape in one. Was like 5 bucks. Its tiny too like 1" x 1.5" x .25". :D its worth it

Indian status? Lol you look more Caucasian than me. lol Plus i thought FN were stewards of land? lol Do you eat all these fish you always seem to catch or do they sit freezer burnt in bottom of your freezer?

Thanks Dump.

Most FN anglers catch fish not only for themselves but also for many other members of the communities they live in, aunts, uncles and elders.

Very little goes to waste in my experience and the average FN member demonstrates a far higher level of stewardship and environmental awareness of their lands than the rest of us recent immigrants (i.e. anyone who has arrived here in the very recent past, i.e. less than 300 years).

" recent immigrants (i.e. anyone who has arrived here in the very recent past, i.e. less than 300 years)."

LOL... that's a dumb comment...anyone who arrived here 200 or 300 years ago are DEAD!. So you're saying all living first nations people are "recent immigrants" because they all arrived here less than 300 years ago?

I tend to agree with the rest of your comments, however there are always exceptions and "bad apples" in every community.

this topic is going to nowhere , im pretty sure fishslayer got the point of getting more info before posting "geating up in the heat" .

why still argue ?!
sharphooks moderator

fishslayer, you have defended yourself well and were man enough to apologize for what you said. Be proud of your heritage. from my experience with you I do not think you are one to "flaunt it" (although this thread was a bit to far.
as Alex said we have heard enough about this subject. A warning to all members, racist comments or insinuations will not be tolerated.
end of thread!!!

Honestly dumptruck shouldn't have just assume fishslayer was a poacher and call him out like that it was a bit harsh. We now know he's got Fn status and is allowed to keep his catch but even if you didn't know of his ethnicity a simple question would have sufficed.

FN anglers still have to follow the same regulations as any other angler!!! They have to follow the tackle regulations, opening and closures, bait regulations, tidal boundaries as well as the quota regulations. The only "perks" they get are they are not required to purchase a license or any tags and they can fish on reserve lands.... Sooooooooo technically he was still poaching....
Lots of natives are stewards of the resource however a few Fraser valley and Fraser canyon bands have put some very bad tastes in people's mouths.

Doppelganger is correct. The regulations were made by DFO in consultation with the first nation communities and reflects any perk's a commercial fisherman or first nation community may have.
I believe a status natives' violation of the regulations may be in contradiction of the First Nation People as well as DFO.

Dump I don't think "no one reads and do research" is a right thing to say .

I still think this topic is going completely of course . All was said few posts ago .

P.s. leave fishslayer alone . I`m pretty sure he figured out what the problem was , no need to keep repeating that to him .

I am confused about FN fishing right.

I am a witness of 2007 pink season under Skytrain bridge,DFO called backup and arrested a man claimed he is native(that guy does look like FN) and refused to show the fishing license or any ID to DFO and refused to stop fishing.

Since then,I always think FN have the right to harvest fish for food etc, but same right as us sport fishing for fun.

Am I correct,any lawyer fisherman?

FS; I understood that only applied to hunting, trapping and fishing for non-migratory fish (like bass) under provincial regulations. I believe DFO regulations apply to Salmon, even on reserve land.

Found a First Nation document explaining the situation. Apparently the issue of who owns the bed of the river portion flowing through a reserve has not yet been resolved, so no one has legal jurisdiction to regulate it.

Soooo...correct me if I'm wrong and I don't condone it, but until they resolve ownership: it appears that anyone (native and non-native) can navigate up or down the reserve portion of river bed with rods, nets or large barbed treble hooks to fish however they want without fear of legal repercussions from either DFO or the Band. (I'd think possession limits still apply once you leave that portion of the river).

lol native status... yep... lol!!

Also, someone needs to study the fish regs. applying to FNs before opening his mouth.

I suggest this thread to be forwarded to the Squamish First Nation. They should be very interested to read how their band is being represented.

If you can keep whatever fish you catch, you wouldn't have mentioned "got my limit, daily quota of 4 fish" at the beginning of the thread. obviously you think you could keep 4 coho of any size, got called out, and came up with this ridiculous explanation. how about MANNING up your mistake and play by the rules like everyone else instead of being a little boy. Oh wait, you are a little boy... See you at the river.

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