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plans changed will hit this lake , any advices for time , bait , what kind of fishies in it ?

i live like 2 mins from it and fished for 8 days strait in my float tube after last stocking but now its been realy slow but ive seen the one taken with powerbait.

same bait as rice and rainbow trout

Alex I think you should make use of the "Trip Planner" and "Reports" sections of this and other sites that have data bases; before asking these kinds of questions. You will find most of your answers like; kinds of fish and attractors used, are listed there.

Then questions can shorter and more specific.

Before the internet sounds boring. You had to ask questions face to face and network in real life. The future is clearly better lol (trolling, sort of).

no one ever told me where to go or what to use. I just tried every place I could when I had a chance. I guess I was lucky as my dad hated staying home so always wanted to go hunting or fishing. it is a lot more fun to figure it out yourself than ask everyone who will offer an opinion. I agree with Dumptruck, get out and fish then you will learn. keep to the basics and then try other things. just remember, more trout have been caught on a good old worm than all the fancy lures that cost $. whether you catch fish is how you present that worm or whatever you choose to use.

I'm not directing this at the op, but this thread reminded me of what's become a sad trend these days. on all the forums all over the internet, everybody just seems to want everyone to tell them everything. nobody wants to go explore and find things out for themselves. I guess it's kinda how things have become easy with the internet, but this trend is just laziness and a lack of drive and adventure. what fish are in this lake? what should I use? what time should I go? are those lakes still frozen? were the fish biting at that lake? hell, early spring comes and I can't wait to get up to the mountain lakes with the pontoon. I find out when I get there if they are open yet or not. and if they aren't, I enjoyed a great drive into the woods and I make a day of it. and more times than not, I'm the first one on that lake that year, and my offerings are the first those very hungry fish have seen since they've once again been able to see the sun and touch the air. I don't want to know what someone else used, I have my own box of goodies that I prefer. and besides, just because someone may have happened to catch six fish using this last week, that doesn't mean they want that this week. and on the flipside, so-and-so might have been skunked his/her last 3 trips there, that doesn't mean that you will be when you get there. I scan reports now and then, but they never determine when/where I'm going to go or what I'm going to use. I prefer to explore for myself and make my own luck.
it's great to have the passion, but don't completely rely on others for your knowledge/experience, just get out there and grow your own.

I agree but its also a different world now to for better and worse. Like gas prices. The systems more fucked. Lots of fuvked low income families (mine was) who never taught the kids properly (properly in a sense of things like fishing and hunting). So yes i would of loved a proper father figure to take me adventuring and teach me to hunt and fish. there is too many people, the earths overpopulated, and too much corruption for a perfect world so we enjoy what we have and should to try to embrace what weve become as a race, for better or worse.. Just because we ask questions doesnt mean we dont persue the good old adventure you talked about, this internet stuffs just a little on the side

ty all , was nice trip and I really enjoyed it .

done , like u wanted to ....

Alex i went to squamish and i think i saw you on the second beach thats sandy next to the stump?

yeah , on the opposite side of highway , where the beach almost ends

ya lol

u coulda stop by a say hi aaron was with me too :P

Fishing forum > browning lake ,sq


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