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Author Topic: I hope the "Daily limit" thread stays open

I for one found it to be very informative.

I applaud Alex for asking questions and trying to do the right thing, many don't know any better and even worse some just don't give a crap.

The above picture is one of (quite a few) coho recently caught in Rice Lake.

I took this photo, when I heard another angler respond to a question why he was keeping more than 2 fish. His response that he was keeping 2 trout and 1 coho, so it was ok. At the time I did not know enough to contradict him. Now I do and because of the information in this thread, when I fish at Rice Lake I tell everyone I talk to that you can catch Coho here, but you have to let them go (and please check your barbs are crimped).

So that is why this thread should stay and thank you Dumptruck and cagey, it may seem to be a never ending and thankless battle, but your input does help.

As you can see, no adipose clip and sharp fins, which suggests it was not recently from a hatchery and may be a wild fish.

White gums and black tongue.
sharphooks moderator

Glad you found it helpful. Feel free to ask questions. I wanted to end that thread to stop any more arguing at Alex's expense as he tried to defend himself. Just start a new thread for a new question then things don't get so personal.
Cagey and Dumptruck can be "abrasive" at times but they try to help . As with several other members they have a pretty good idea what they are talking about. Glad you found them helpful. We are hear to discuss fishing and hopefully to help everyone be "better" fishermen who know and understand the regulations. Remember , though, do not rely on others. You never know if your source knows the correct answers (example , the old timers Alex relied on). Read the regulations and if you do not understand something ask and hopefully someone can help.

ty for pictures knnn and mister moderator , but like I said in other topic , that fishy had big eyes .
Also ty cagey and dump for advance information which is hard to get sometimes like in knnn`s example.

you are welcome Alex. I am sure Dumptruck says so too. We are glad to help as are other members as long as it is appreciated. Dumptruck was wondering if you were listening, with good reason. now get out there and catch more fish ( keep releasing them too unless you need the fish for dinner !)just be sure you know the rules before you go, not when you get home to ask us !

cagey I never keep fish until its bleeding and u can see it dies . I don't want just cut my line and drop it back with hook inside , cuz it will die eventually and it will be a waste of fish .
p.s. I wasn't ignoring u and dump , but dump seemed more agressive than explaining .
p.p.s. found salmon regulation on other regulations , its reg 28/29 I assume its tidal/non tidal ?

Hey Alex,I know your hearts in the the right place.You may already know this,but just to be clear, it doesn't matter how bad the condition of a fish, if it's not in the regs for retention , let it go.No co or fo will accept that as a reason for retaining an illegal species.

pre I had only 1 case with fish listed above if Im not sure who it is , but If u guys will convince me that letting "dead" fish is better than keeping it - I`ll do that from now on ... I cant watch it struggles

im talking about "legal fish to keep" not depending on a size ...

Alex, it is not a question if it is better to let a dead fish go than keep it. if the fish is illegal to keep you must let it go. if it is legal then of course keep it.

Alex you might look at it as a fish left to waste, but every day animals die, its natural.. the fish will not go to waste, something will come along and make a meal of it. if not, it will break down and much needed nutrients are replaced back into the earth /soil /water/ecosystem.. you get the idea... keep askin questions if you dont know. btw if you cut the line and leave your hook in the fish, it has a much better chance of survival than trying to yank it out from down deep inside its mouth/gills . the hook will eventually work its way out

sigh ..... dump we got ur idea , and I don't try to use excuse ... the point is like knnn showed u , guy from the bridge (most croweded area on rice) got 2 trouts + 1 coho , and it was ok ... cuz no1 knew the regs ...

p.s. just to remind u or to let u know if u don't know , English is second language to me ...
p.p.s. I got idea about asking rangers by the gate to post kinda "reminder" for anglers about coho in rice ... be reasonable , its easier to make it "idiotproove" by posting that all coho`s are illegal to keep , and post like picture of trout , coho and kokanee as examples and differences ... but I got a bas feeling no1 will even listen to me

F_W , I know what u mean

was at rice lake today , was checking out new homemade spoons made by me ) (got spirit from bckid and fishslayer about coho`s) .. second cast and I got coho :D

to dumptruck and cagey : I didn't touch that little bastard (8-10inches) I got him to shallow water and turned around to grab my tool to remove a hook , but little bugger made couple salto`s and unfreed himself .

I was proud I could recognize that bastard and was very happy that he had no damage :P

well , I hope in a very small peace of ur heart , u will find a pride for teaching me a lesson .

p.s. u r still mean ....

its newbie luck I suck at fishing ....
need a teacher ... will u teach me ?

Alex out of curiosity whats your first language?

Fishing forum > I hope the "Daily limit" thread stays open


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