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got a question about daily limit for rice lake .
in regulations says "2 trout" , but today I got 1 trout and 1 coho ... does that mean I have to stop fishing or I can get 2 trouts + w/e .. ???

p.s. I asked guys on the bridge and they told me that limit is 2 "fish" ... but in regulations "2 trout" . can anyone explain that to me ?!

probably means 2 trout, which are trout not coho

And try to release all coho with care because there is very small population.

what did you get the coho on?

still doesn't explain the situation

regulations : daily quota :
trout/char - 4
kokanee - 5

(See tables for exceptions)

RICE LAKE (North Vancouver) 2-8 Trout/char daily quota = 2 (from the table)

so difference is reducing trout from 4 to 2 (specific restriction for this lake) but how does that affect combo trout+kokanee , or trout+coho , or w/e ..?
some coho and kokanee appears in that lake cuz it was stocked so I think some of them were with stock ... so if im reading and understanding this thing right - I can keep 2 trouts + w/e else on daily quota list ? or strictly 2 trouts ?!

A coho is not a kokanee is not a trout.

Get it?

Seeing a lot of coho coming out of Rice lake at the moment.

Couple of interesting observations, the Coho have sharply defined tail fins, unlike the stocked trout, which have rounded tail fins due to wear and tear having been reared in netted pens. This suggests the Coho were either introduced into the lake a while ago (if from a hatchery) and the fins have had time to grow back normally, or they have entered the lake naturally.

I know there is a stream/ditch on the south side that I presume connects to the Seymour, but I though there was a gate on the outfall the prevented fish migration?

All the fish I have seen (4 IRL and a couple of internet photos) have all had intact adipose fins. None appeared to be miss-clipped. This suggests that they may be wild fish.

If they are wild fish they should not be retained.

Even if their origin is uncertain , with people suspecting they are a miss stock or discarded excess rearing the precautionary principle should apply and therefore they should be released.

I asked at the main gate and the two guys there did not know the origin of the Coho.

Not an easy rationalization to untangle, but any I catch will go back.

Some more information on BCFR, which suggests they are wild fish that should not be retained:

there was no fin on it

yeah and btw knnn , I always let fishy go if no dmg is done (the ones I can keep) , but if I see poor thing is bleeding - that makes me feel bad , even with single barbless hook this happens ...

Interesting that there was no adipose on the one you caught.

As you can see in a Pacific angler report in June last year the fish has an intact fin.

Looked identical the fish I have seen recently.

I hear you on the bleeding fish, it's a tough call.

Alex did you catch on a spoon?

you are missing the point. there is no retention of salmon unless specified. whether it is wild or hatchery does not matter. you have to let them go. I understand it hurts to release an injured fish but those are the rules. very simple just as dumptruck so clearly stated.

my fishy didn't have that purple line and had no spots above it , it was chrome

bckid - cured shrimp , I use some procure to make it pink and procure adds krill taste ... they bite like crazy

cagey I might be dumb but I still don't get it .
if I have daily quota in regulations , and the lake I fish isn't listed in table below regulations or river , according to u I have to let all fish go , because they are not "specified" and table doesn't have it ?!

all salmon , alex, must be released unless specified in the salmon regs.
trout are subject to the fresh water regs.
I am wondering if you have seen the salmon regs. go to a sport shop and ask for a copy.they are also online on the fisheries and oceans canada website .
salmon have a total set of regs of their own , both in tidal and non-tidal waters .
does that make a bit more sense?

not really , since I told above that the fishy I got had no purple line , and no spots ..... I asked 3 ppl . 1 said it was coho 2 said it was kokanee .... 2 of them fish 37 and 25 years ....

about making sense- it does now , but kokanee is trout or salmon ?

if you read the regs you would see that kokanee are listed as a different species . in region 2 there is a limit of 5 in lakes, 0 in streams.
in the regs there are photos of fish to help you identify your fish. there are lots of photos online if you google kokanee and coho. you have to be able to identify your fish or release it immediately .
do yourself a favour. grab a copy of the regulations and read it from cover to cover. when you are finished read it again. then when you go to a new fishing spot check to see if it is listed then check the regs and that way you know ahead of time what you can keep and what you can't. google the possible fish you might find so you can identify them . then go fishing and enjoy yourself.

ok cagey-sun ... im learning !!!
I think u should teach me

it was kokanee , like I said above , the pic of coho doesn't appear to be the same , and there are kokanee in rice lake . ask old guys who flyfish on the bridge . if u ask the right ones they can show u a picture

To be fair; the fish stocking information is meaningless as to a lakes fish contents, there are a number of lower mainland lakes that contain healthy stocks of Kokanee even though they aren't stocked with them.
I don't know much about Rice Lake, but until there is reliable evidence to the contrary; why not give him the benefit of doubt that it may have been a Kokanee?

exactly. if at any time you catch a fish and you are not 100 % sure it is legal it must be released. there is no excuse for mistakes.

Some people don't know the difference between a buck and a doe!

dump u can call dfo on me any time , I never left rice with something else but rainbow trout .btw I never said I kept it. if u still keep thinking that I go to rice just trying to kill fish and try to get coho in it - you are wrong . I got 2 couple pounds cohos in capilano , and about 5 people saw me letting em go , cuz there was no dmg to fish , and yeah they were hatchery . same with rice lake , I never keep trout until its dmg so bad that it cant make it .

att picture is the one I got .

p.s. call dfo on ppl who use #8 hooks and trebles for trout , and try to let em go after couple minutes trying to take those damn hooks out .

p.p.s. if that makes u feel better I did what cagey told me , I got a list with pictures of fish on me all the time now ...

p.p.p.s. since the start of this topic , no one still gave the actual answer to the question - if limit is 2 trouts(reg for certain lake) but where are some other types of fish which u can have as your daily quota - does that work like 2 + other types ? or 2 = 2 ?

2+other types, ie; 2 Trout plus 5 Kokanee.

Wow i use size 14 hooks(chronomids) and they dont swallow it?

bc Im using #4 and still somehow mostly small trout managing to swallow it

quiet ty a lot
sharphooks moderator

I think this thread has gone on long enough.
It has been useful: Alex is trying to learn the regs and how to identify fish.
I suspect Dumptruck is correct on the Coho v kokanee issue. Since Alex is adamant he never kept the fish in question I think he released it without having a real good look and he is trying to identify the fish now based on memory. Easy mistake to make but a bigger mistake to try and argue .
Lesson learned for everyone is you must study what the different fish look like at different stages in their life so you can quickly identify the fish and, if required, release it quickly unharmed rather than put the poor fish through a vigorous inspection which results in its death.
Also you must know the regulations.

could u plz close this topic mister moderator ?

ty for
sharphooks moderator

no reason to delete the thread if that is what you want.
learn from the advice you were given.

Been getting back into fishing HARD lately, so I decide to go try my luck at Rice Lake back in September. I went with the typical float and worm setup and managed to hook and land 1 fish. At this point it has been awhile since I last caught a stocked trout I didn't think twice after bagging the fish and taking it home. When I went back to Rice Lake after the new stock at the beginning of October. I caught a couple more and immediately could see the difference in the fish, including the colour of the meat (first one being pink). Looking at pictures of Kokanee's, I have no doubt it was a Kokanee.

If I remember correctly i fished with a guy who did some work with coho up that way about a decade ago. I beleive the coho fry were put in there after hatching in the spring, rear for a year in the lake, and migrate through rice creek, to seymour, to ocean.

So they still could migrate back up that way to spawn in higher water conditions, maybe a later run when the rains have hit.

Alex good for you getting out and enjoying the outdoors, don't worry about the want to be CO's and enjoy, just follow the rules and enjoy

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