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I am living in North Vancouver and was wondering where you all think the best place to kick back and catch a bunch of fish would be?

I grey up in Queensborough and know I can catch lots of peamouths there right now but I was crappy at fishing back then and I forget how the fishing was in June.

I am into fishing the ocean, sloughs, lakes.. I like carp, peamouth, bass, catfish, mountain whitefish, etc etc. I just wanna catch big ones hopefully and lots of them . Rice lake is getting boring as hell and the rivers on the north shore are spotty, I tried deer lake a few times lately but carp aren't as easy to catch as I thought (haven't given up but that lake is over fished for carp). I take transit/ride my bike. Any suggestions?

Would Richmond sloughs be a good idea?

aaron im from Richmond , nothing here, that's y im going to cap and rice lake ...

these are the most popular places to fish in Richmond . but its not really worth it.

There are whitefish, peamouth chub, the odd bull trout, and the rare cutt throat trout, in richmond along the fraser, right now. Its pretty far for me though as I prefer the sout arm. Throw a worm on a bar rig and wait

As for flounder I have tried ambleside rock peirs and the dock and I caught the odd tiny one 3 inches but with a special power bait. Are there really big ones?

Yep i caught a 2 lber last year while fishing for hos at the mouth of the cap.

Usualy i fish down by furry creek after fishing sea runs i fish flounder with shrimp.

Anyone fished the fraser for course fish lately? How is it doing right now? Abundant?


Those fish dont count lol. I mean fishing with worms in the fraser backwaters off the bottum. Youll catch bigger fish tuan that!

I caught a fish in the ocean near lighthouse park that looked like a silver/shiney carp thr main different was the mouth was facing frontward rather than down. Very confused to what it was. It was 2 pounds. Im pretty good with species... wish I had my phone handy..

Did some googling and figured we caught a nice fat 2 lb perch (not exactly sure the type) but its mouth was the type that doesnt close ( or so it looked) And it was big! Shoulda ate him! We got a tiny striped perch later on.

I thought lighthouse park is closed to all fishing because i walk my dog there alot and there is no fishing signs all over the place.

Im not sure if its open or not but I fished and hung out on the beach by cypress creek so.

White rock pear has good flounder right now take some shrimp and salt them over night on the counter an they turn to like a rubber (stays on the hook better and the little crabs can't take them off the hook) but on the other side of the rock wall there is tonZ of them same with rock cod

White Rock is awesome but I am stuck to North Van mostly, plus I take transit so. I may visit the Fraser for a nice fire, beers, and of course fishing.

How does fishing from public beaches work? What if I wanted to fish Cates park or say spanish banks area? I can't find info on it.

aaron you know my friend i was with when i met you?he got a 1 lb sea run cutthroat of cates park not to long ago.

Reviving this thread because it's interesting! Anyone fish for flounder yet with much success? I've been trying around ubc and Jericho with no results yet. Was shown an awesome SRC spot though and that should start picking up :D

Fishing forum > Coarse fish


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