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Author Topic: Is buying a Sage worth the extra cash?

I was wondering if it's really worth the extra money to buy the top of the line fly rod. My dad got a Sage inherited to him a few years back, and yes the rod is a beauty. It's probably worth about 700-1000 dollars but is there really a difference between that and a 150 dollar Temple Fork Outfitters or Dragon fly rod?? They both catch fish, so is it really worth the extra money for the name-brand????

I would say no if you are not sure what type of rod is best suited for your fishing stile. You can be out a lot of money and not be happy with the way it feels. Say in the $100 - $200 range you may get get a lot better rod than you think.
Louis Vuitton

Don't get a dragonfly rod. I would highly suggest the Temple Fork Outfitters. Those rods are one of the best you can buy, even the price looks low. They are incredibly inexpensive, but are one of the best fly rods that are made. I have one, and I use it for Coho, pinks, and steelhead. Is it worth it to get a Sage? They are beautiful rods, but I'd have to say no. If you're just starting out, don't buy one. Though it is an unwise decision to buy shitty stuff to learn on, due to the fact it can actually hinderance your learning, but will make it frustrating. I'd buy a decent rod, and learn to cast on that. You actally really can feel a difference. But i'd highly suggest the Temple fork outfitters.
The Yak

I second the TFO suggestion. A great place to start and a Lifetime warranty to boot!

I have a TICR 4 Pc 4wt and love it to death.
The real Steelyslayer

Whats the model of the Sage your dad has? If you fish a pin a sage is the only rod to fish. Diff is like night and day.....
The Yak

There are tons of good rods out there. My personal opinion is that Sage's rod are good probably reallyt good but i think they are mostly hype and advertised. Granted i dont own one but i would rather give my money to a company that spends more on development than advertising. Like TFO..Just my opinion..

I know the Sage owners are going to whap me over the head for that comment.... oh well..

Fishing forum > Is buying a Sage worth the extra cash?


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