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Author Topic: Want to start tying flies. What's the best way to learn?

HI, I'm 15 years old and am the avid fisherman. In the last year, i've really got hooked on to flyfishing and recently purchased a new Dragonfly rod, reel and case. My uncle sometimes give me flies that they make and they tell me never to go buy's a waste of money. So, I really want to learn how to start tying. Let me know if you know the best way to start and learn!

take classes which is something i've been meaning to do

I live in Oliver, B.C. Do you know anywhere to get lessons around there?
Louis Vuitton

The local fly shop. Also, i suggest purchasing FlyTyer Magazine. It has Step-by-step instructions for tonnes of flies in each issue.
The Yak

I belive the closest place is in Penticton for you. I visited Oliver this summer and no Tackle Shop!!..

Give them a call and see if your parents are willing to get you there... or maybe hit up the people who told you not to buy them and tie them yourself...

Either way... get into it... It's really fun...and rewarding when you catch your first trout on a fly you tied yourself.

there are some good "how to" books on how to get started. i started from scratch with a book and learned fast. there are tons of sites on the internet. just google "fly tieing". if you can't find a good one email me at and i'll get you the name of the book etc.
also check to see if there is a fly fishing club. they have meetings to tie flies etc. their web sites are great. try ospry fly fishers and kalamalka fly fishers. both great sites with lots of patterns. great links, last time i checked osprey.
have fun.

Go to your local fly shop and buy Brian Chans DVD still water fly fishing theres lots of others out there but so far I think this ones the best shows how to tie some patterns then how to fish em. With the techniques he shows you should be able to tie almost any pattern you can find on the net like bc sport fishing or virtual fly box, then start reading books theres tons out there and have some fun with what you learn!

alright, thnx , i think i know where to start

mcs in Penticton there is a store called Lakestream Flies and supplies at 107 - 1505 mainstreet. Go in talk to Chris Cousins this man knows hie stuff, also ask him about the fly tying club that is in Penticton. Hope this helps.

ya, I've been to that fly shop before. It's quite the little shop. Do you have any guesses on how much money it would cost for lessons, or joining a club?

joining the club is probably cheap and you'd get lots of tips through them for "free". start by getting a good instruction book, buying the basics and learn on your own. it is not difficult. i learned and i have 10 thumnbs!

alright, well i already have the tools and stuff, and some furs, feathers and threads, I just need to learn. Do you know any good books to learn from?
Louis Vuitton

Try to get some books by the author Randy Kaufman (sic). I believe that is his name.

Try the local library, you might find a few books there to get you started. Best is to find someone locally who will spend an hour or two with you just to get you started. Books are great once you have a little know how, but its easier to learn from watching someone. Must be a local fly tyer who will help you out.
BTW, you're going to love tying your own flys, there is nothing quite like catching fish on your own patterns.

Good Luck!

Fry Flier

This link will bring you to a very good starter for fly tying.

Tight Lines
Fry Flier

Fishing forum > Want to start tying flies. What's the best way to learn?


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