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I am new to fishing. Got a cabin this summer that came with a boat.. and went and got myself a little rod and ended up catching a whack of trout. Now I am HOOKED! I have gotten a better rod and reel, and have been out all over trying like mad to catch something bigger than a bottom rock fish. Salmon would be heaven! Ended out on the Matsqui Trail, saw alot of giants jumping, but no luck. Any advice.. I am heading out to the Vedder for a weekend of camping and fishing. Keepin' my fingers crossed. What is the best way.. drift.. bottom..floaty thingy...?? Also, do you think it is better to keep reeling in slowly or to leave it out??

come on guys....... help this poor girl!!!
i don't know what is happening on the vedder right now... hopefully you figured it out. coho should be showing and there is a big run of springs in october. float fishing with wool or row works good. sorry i can't be of more help but hopefully some of the guys will help you out.
enjoy your addiction.... it could be life long!

no go on the bottom fishing for the vedder, leave the bouncing to the fraser.

Float works well in deep enough water, but im not sure how much flow there is, best bet is to fish with a spinning rod and lures and hopefully some pinks/coho's/spring jacks will bite

Thanks guys!

I fished from the Meat Hole to the Vedder Canal. Went to Allison Pool where the Coho were swimming by in schools. Coho apparently don't bite (lol) they ran from my line! (I watched them!)I tried floaters with wool most. I was out on the Vedder for more than 30 hours this weekend!! How friendly fishing people are.. I have been fishing for no more than one month and have talked to so many wondeful people! Fishing is Heaven! This weeekend, I managed to catch one pair of blue mens underwear and a couple of leaves. There is nothin' better than sitting on the side of the river watching your line wiggle. I swear this fishing thing is Extacy! I talked to loads of fishermen along the way, it looks like I am doing things right. But still I have yet to catch one Salmon. I can hardly wait till I land one.... It will be the best dinner yet! I am thinkin' it is one of those things where you have to put your time in. Waders would be helpful, I think I'll head out and get some very soon. Thanks u2 for your reply's! I will most likely try # 2 road (richmond) this week. So ya think, red wool with a floater? At about one hour before and after high/ low tide is best? any advice would be great..... you fisher guys are wonderful!!! Hmm.. Is it that the fish get hooked or we do? A bit of both , eh?

Fish on and Giddey -up!


glad to hear you are hooked! we need more ladies to keep the guys in line!
that first salmon often takes some time but it is well worth the wait. too bad you weren't fishing the thompson river near chase on the weekend.... you would have got your fish. lots of nice clean springs being caught. too bad season closes on thursday. i'm dieing for one more chance as i have 2 spots left on my licence. i've had a fantastic september, limiting out on the shuswap river and getting 2 more on the thompson. i'll eat good this winter!
hope you have some luck. those coho won't always swim by! if we can get some rain they will bite. good luck fishing at richmond. i assume you are after pinks. use anything pink! if they are there, they will bite. keep posting your success! (success can be catching those men's shorts as long as you enjoy the experience!)
The real Steelyslayer

Where u near limit hole on sunday?What kind of waders u got
The Yak

Just go chuck some pink spoons for Pink Salmon in the Fraser during an incoming high tide.

You should get something... Just look for the jumpers and rollers. and cast into them

steelyslayer, i am not sure what the hole is called. i was fishing along banana island, fishing from shore without waders. some guys were wading on saturday just upstream along the ledge and were knocking 'em dead. i just had some surgery so did not feel up to wading. the guys who were wading on sunday got nothing.
i am trying to figure out how to get out thursday for the last day..... will likely do some wading then if i can swing it.
were you fishing the thompson too? much luck?
green horn

WAIT!!! blue underwear......... :o(

I believe those are mine! Can ya email me a photo?

So sorry, But thanks...I been looking for those for over a week now!

Thanks BOB

fishin girl I think just a good ol fishin lesson is what is needed, I'm in mission ever want to hook up let me know take you in the boat to the harrison, should take no longer than 10 min for you to become a pro and slay em cast after cast. The fishing gets easier the further up you go, been fishing all my life.

Hey, Speedy, this is Sharphooks, not Lavalife

Fishergirl, if you haven't gone into your local fishing shop, DO IT! They'll know what rivers are hot for salmon at any given time and they're more than happy to show you how to rig up your gear. Tell them you're new to fishing and they'll show you all the knots and everything.

My fishing advice is the Vedder any time in October with a float, pencil lead, and some wool. It's full of Chums, Coho, and Springs this time of year.

Hey guys!

Thanks for all your advice. This forum is very helpful. I still have not landed any salmon, but went up to Alice Lake for a trout day, and came home with some. That's the easy stuff, though. It's so sooooooooo fun. Even for just a bite! I agree, the tackle shops are fabulous! I have learned so much. Can hardly wait till the weekend to go out again. I guess I'll try Aggasiz this weekend, any hints for the Fraser out there? Same as the Vedder? Wool?


The Yak

Hey Fishergirl... I met a girl today who is hardcore into fishing today and would likely be interested in going fishing with you.


I know it is catchin on... how wonderful! Would love to hook up with more people to fish with but honestly.. not so sure this site is safe to post any info.. so for now.. thanks for thinking of me and fish on...
The Yak

If you want more info you can email me at in total confidentiality
fisher 696

A girl with a cabin & a boat!Will you marry me?LOL seriously tho'. Check out Fred's custom tackle & their web page. On it you will see places to click on to get fishing reports AND a handy link to a government page that will allow you to check on water levels in many rivers.Tight lines & start bringing your girlfriends fishing!!! Oh yeah, the blue scivies....boxers or briefs & did you clean your catch?


Gosh..clean that catch! Nope, coz that catch was Not clean! EW! I was on the phone with mom, told her how gross it was and she said maybe it had a body attached to it when it went into the river. Hmm...

What are the strangest catch stories you all have? A little humour might be what this site needs.

It's Friday and it looks like I might be out of work for awhile since the teachers are out.. so I am off to fish! Giddey-up!

Happy Thanksgiving people!

The Yak

Have a greast time Fishy...Let us know how you do

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