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When I go fishing I find that when it is stormy or about to rain the fish bite the best. What type of weather do you like to fish in?

I think right after a brisk rain is best for me. It seems as though the raindrops pummel any surface insects under the water where they become suspended, creating a fish feeding frenzy for the next 30 - 45 min. That's my theory anyway, it could also have something to do with temperature... I think a very little bit of a breeze is nice as well, disturbing the surface of the water with a light riffle. You go into stealth mode and the fish can't see your boat as good.

I should add that I am speaking about lake fishing, particular trolling flys. For river fishing it may be similar I don't know, though I would imagine overcast is usually better than sunny.

Do you think that fishing may be better when there is a low pressure in the area because the lac of pressure on the body can cuze them to be able to eat more
The Yak

Brian Chan thinks so

who is Brian Chan
Louis Vuitton

One of the Stillwater Godfathers. Him, Philip Rowley, Skip Morris, Ralph Shaw, etc. Brian is a partner in the operations of Stillwater Sollutions flytying materials. Google him. He is the name of Stillwaters.

Fishing forum > fishing in weather


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