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Does anyone know How to raise dew worms to reproduce easly???

theres info on the internet if you type in raising dew worms.
Louis Vuitton

Go to a tackle shop (not like a Crappy Tire), but a real one and ask them. You can get worm warms and everything. Its easy, economical, and you can sell them out of your garage to make a few extra bucks to afford the rediculous gas prices when driving to your favourite fashing hole.

Ill try that

Google the book worms eat my garbage. It will tell about all you need to know on raising worms.
Louis Vuitton

I meant "worm farm" in my previous post, not "worm warm".

I raise my own worms right now in my car port. I have a fair sized rubbermaid container with a drain cut out the bottom lined with a screen so the little buggers dont escape. Use good potting soil, dirt from your backyard,and all of the soil that comes with the worms when you buy them. Keep the soil well waterd, not like your growing a garden but enough so they dont dry out. Mix a bunch of kitchen garbage into the whole bucket, about 2 hand fulls. NO BONES OR MEAT, everything else is fair game like egg shells, rotten tomatoes, orange peels, stail bread, ect....
They grow huge and I never run out of worms for the lake. I've got about 120 worms in there. I'll try and post some pics of it soon, but my digital camera was stolen a while ago from my car!

what type of worms do you use in you rubbermaid container??

I used the normal dew worms you buy at the gas staition on the way to the lake. Its a small investment at first, mabey 2 or 3 containers, but you save money as you go along.
Ever bought a thing of worms, gone fishing, used mabey a 3rd, and chucked the rest into the lake? There goes 25% of your worms where you can now take 25% less to the lake or if your quick, toss them back into the farm.

will the worms repreduce in the bin

what do the dew worms eat that are being recicled
Louis Vuitton

The dew-worms reproduce by-themselves. They are asexual anelids that have the ability to self-reproduce. It makes it alot easier for you worm farmers, cause that way you don't have to worry about getting mating pairs. Once you start farming, you will actually be able to see the worm eggs too. They look like little tapioca. They will also eat the stuff that you put in. Stay away from from acidic fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and pineapple. We raised worms in my grade five class like six years ago. They eat anything thats organic, such as plantae. NO MEAT. Apple cores, carrot peels, eggshells (try to crush them first), veggies, etc. It really is easy, and its economical.


what kind of tup do you use for the worms
Louis Vuitton

get a big Rubbermaid storage tub. Make sure you venitlate it by drilling holes in it too. Worms don't like light, and they don't like ALOT of water. Keep the dirt moist, but not soaking, as they, like other creatures, can drown.

Fawk! Whyn't I think of that? I go through like a bunch when I sturgeon fish, i've got some in the fridge, they're gonna go into a big bin this weekend! worm city!
Louis Vuitton

Im serious, you can make alot of money doing it. Its really easy, like rediculously easy, and to sell them, just put a small classified in the local paper. You can make alot of side cash with it.

I'm looking @ it for saving a lot of money

Go to the libary and check out this book worm eat my garbage it will take you through a step by step way to raise worm it's cheap and easy. I did raise them be for I move tyhe whole setup cost me less than $20+ the worms. Heres a link to the book. I got the copy I read from the Public Libray
Heres anther link I googled it may help on a few things.


They are not asexual, they are hermaphrodites. They have both the male and female parts. The big ring is the sexual organ. If you see two worms side by side attached at the ring, they are mating.

Always start with the biggest worms, they are genetically larger and they lay more eggs. Leave the big ones in there and use up the medium sized ones.

They thrive on weeds from the garden, dead leaves, grass cuttings (not too thick), and they love egg shells.

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