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i'm new to the website. My partner and I just moved to the lower mainland. We are interested in salmon fishing however we have never done it before. Any tips would be great.


Bruce and Lance

Louis Vuitton

Nobeeks eh? Sort of a contradictory name.
Anyhow, what type of salmon fishing and what type of salmon.
If you don't know anything in particular, its hard to get help on here. I'd suggest going to a tackle shop and ask them for the most help, then if you have any particular questions, to ask them on here.

Thanks LV - great designer by the way.

Can you recommend a good tackle shop? We've been going to Walmart. We live in the west end. We've been to rice lake a bunch of times but the thought of salmon fishing has really gotten us excited.

Hey Strapping_Young_Lad, Welcome. Disregard NoBeeks as he is sore thumb on this form. I would gladly meet up on the river with him but there would be a long line up in front of me before I got my turn. You moved out here at a good time of year for fishing. Are you loking at fishing tidal or Non?

Thank you Gecko - Being a gay construction worker I have had to put up with a lot over the years. So gay bashing doesn't really bother me anymore. However Lance on the hand gets really riled up but that's because he is still young. We don't have a boat yet so for now we are thinking non-tidal river fishing. From reading the posts on here it looks like the Fraser River might be a good place for us novice anglers to start.

Here's a picture of me from a fishing trip we took in Belize. It was a lot of fun but we didn't catch the big one.



LV don't fall for it. There is someone making a bunch of accounts here, flaming and trolling every day.

I guess their parents won't take them to go fishing, so they have to come here and bother everyone else.

Well spuppy you are way off base. Just looking for some friendly fishing advice.

Hello and welcome to Vancouver,

I personally love the Vedder river. It is a beutiful area and if your timing is right the fishing is awesome. You can try anywhere from the mouth (casting spoons)to the upper river(Float) below the fish hatchery.

Best of luck.

ps. nobeeks is a beek (whatever the f..k that means)


The real Steelyslayer

Is this a serious post? If it is try great info there! If it aint defenetly one of the funnier ones!

Louis Vuitton

Yeah, no shit. I'm not even going to bother with the two certain people (possibly the same person)that have nothing to say about fishing on a fishing forum. The Fraze will be good within the next couple of weeks for pinks. Like i said, I'll post it up here when I go out for them and a bunch of us can meet up (read previous threads on the Fraser River). But yeah, if all you do is trout fishing, you need heavier gear (not that much if only going for Pink salmon, but if you hook into anything else, you could be in trouble. When you caught that Permit from that picture, were you fly fishing?
The real Steelyslayer

I aint nobeeks-yak will clarify that with the IP's. Rumour has it nobeeks has done very good in certain derbies around boxing day

no beeks and Rodney........... GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really imature.

Hi I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my message in a positive manner. Also I wanted to thank Rodney for the email he sent me. It's great that you are interested but i'm sorry there isn't room in our bed for one more.
Louis Vuitton

Bammers! 1 for SYL, (closely looks like YSL), and 0 for Rodney.

Louis Vuitton

Whats wrong with it?
Just look at it.
The Yak

Strapping_Young_Lad, I'm sorry I didnt get a chance to read this thread sooner. I've deleted the post I feel were in violation of this sites policies. I will also be sending an email to the powers that be and more than likely something will be done about what has transpired.

I'd also like to thank you for not responding to the trolls as it seems to always make things worse. The best thing to do is for everyone to just ignore such posts and carry on as if they're not there.

That's great advice Yak!

I read all the posts and threads daily. I think your advise to ignore them (as I do) is the best. Don't respond to them as it only makes it worse. Sooner than later they will move on as they have no-one to joust with.

The key here is to ignore them!!!! Don't respond!!!

Happy fishing everyone :-)

Great Advice Nickers
crack a dawn

Strapping Lad,,,,Check out "fishing with rod" That site is much better and more mature members. Dont listen to the reply's from my post. This is not intended to insult fome of the good members here.


Screaming Reels is another good site

Hey Strapping..

My partner and I also have just started fishing. Well, fished loads with my dad when I was a young girl but none since then. We have explored the Fraser from Mission to Richmond and have found some nice spots. Not alot of catching but tons of bites. We are seriously hooked. We first started out trout fishing but are hoping to catch some salmon. We are headed out to Vedder next weekend. Gonna camp and fish ALL weekend! We found a great little shop in Coquitlam (near Lougheed Mall)on Austin Ave called Fly & Tackle. The guys in there where knowledgable and super friendly. Also Army & Navy in New Westminster is fantastick for tackle and info. They have a great selection and the older guy in there is wonderful. Learning the ropes, the lingo, and the hot spots are all in the fun! Have a blast, BC is fishing HEAVEN! Good Luck! p.s. Maybe we outta start a gay fishing club?? lol

i thought we dropped the gay stuff
Louis Vuitton

OMG, they said "gay".
Thats like us going onto a gay forum and being like "hey, lets start a straight fishing club", and them being all like "I thought we dropped the whole straight thing".
Rooneys gonna do what Rooneys gonna do. This is a fishing site, that brings other anglers together. Who cares if a gay couple, while talking about fishing, come across another gay couple. What if an italian fishing couple came across another italian fishing couple. Who cares. Good for them that they are open, and not scared of being harrassed on here (though some do, and thankfully their posts are edited). I, my self, for one, am not gay, but what ever floats their boat. I'm not into it, but I'm not against those who are, and especially not ones that are into the same hobbies. Just let 'em be, and keep fishing.



dam rodney just give it a rest
you scared you could turn out to be gay ur self just by reading the post .


Too bad!

Ya never heard of gay people before?

Get over it Dude! We are here to talk fishing. Sorry if I offended anyone, just thought it was cool to identify with 'strapping young lad'. No more 'gayness' okay.. just fishing! We all have at least that in common. If you have a problem with our differences then let's find some common we could find tons of common threads .. but for now let's take one....just one... FISHING!

Crack a beer and Fish on!


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