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God's truth, saw it on a bumper sticker near the Wack.

its easy to say that when the Federal liberals are your bed partner. I say wait till the conservatives get to power.
Boy Wonder

"bumper sticker near the Wack. "

lol Exactly..
kokanee King

El-nino2010. What will happen then? A RIGHT WING fenzy will over take us all and we will have peace&justice and all the "bad" people will go AWOL?? No offence el-nino2010 your posts are all good and ya seem like a reasonable dude but the conservatives??? As a fisher those type of thinking bastards rep. all that you should hate: business b4 conservation ring a bell?? cheers.
Boy Wonder

<==============Wishes he wasn't so politically ignorant..
The Yak

Can we please keep this fishing related so I dont need to delete all of these comments. And please no racial comments either.. I'm willing to let whats here stand as is for now as I can see where this thread is going but please dont take it too far.

kokanee King

Boy Wonder

Wow. Incase you hadn't noticed, the arrow was pointing to my name implying that I wish I wasn't so politically ignorant so I could join in on the political conversations. I know nothing about politics..
Sorry if you took it the wrong way, friend. I was not trying to offend you or anyone else with the 'politically ignorant' comment. Merely poking fun at myself..
I will definitely check out this Noam Chomsky character since you seem like you know what you're talking about and I really need to educate myself politically before I vote.
And all that bullshit about my screen name...LOL you couldn't possibly be more wrong..

..On another fishing related note, you ever fish the lakes in Clinton? Some relatives of mine have a cabin on Beaverdam lake and I got a chance to pull a few beautiful brookies out of there on the fly a few years back. I've since heard rumors that the lake suffered pretty bad winter or summer kill and the fishing is no longer as good as it once was.. Know anything about this?

kokanee King

Sorry Boy Wonder I had a few drinks in me last night and I guess my Irish was up. I don't fish the Clinton area but with brookies there it most likely gets hammered all winter. nice job on the fly caught brookie they can be tuff especially on the fly.
Boy Wonder

Haha it's all good my friend.
I had a couple in me too.
I had never been brook trout fishing before and had heard the same thing about them being tough to get on the fly but once I got out there maybe it was my lucky day or something because all I had was my rainbow arsenal and they didn't seem to mind much at all..
I had em taking chronomids and small streamers and nymphs all day like it was goin outta style!!

your right kokanee king. you can't trust anyone of them. the liberals have shown us the last few years under chretien and martin how to save money by reducing smolt numbers in hatcheries and reducing DFO officers so they can do a very understaffed policing of our rivers. I'm not a huge fan of the conservatives but i like what john cummings stands for as the fisheries critic.

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