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general sturgeon

what r they biting on
Louis Vuitton

The pinks are definitly in the river right now. I just went out last night to do a little scouting. I know they aren't running running, but I just had to see how they were coming along. They are in, but not thick yet. Next saturday I know I'll be limiting out. As for what I use, I use a six foot medium action spinning set up, preferably one with a soft tip because pinks have softer mouths and on the hook set, sometimes its good for the rod to cushion the set a bit. I use a reel that matches the rod, and spool it with 15lb Maxima Chemelian. To that I tie a snap swivel and to that I snap on a gold with "fire" Gibbs Croc. That is my best set up for pinks. GOLD WITH "FIRE" COLOUR!!!

I fish Deas Island alot. If anyone wants to join me, post it here.

Tight lines, and I hope that helps!!

Where are some spots that are good? I think I could run a similar setup (I am still totally new, and don't have much gear, but I think I could swing that)

Your description of the Green Lake spot was AWESOME! Another suggestion like that would be excellent


hey louis Vuitton. I was scouting the river road area in delta and the sockeye are still still coming in strong every evening but no sign of pinks yet visibly. i never fished deas island area but let me know if you wanna share a spot.

Fraser pinks are huge compared to other rivers. 2 years this one nailed my white tailed jig...fought like crazy tooo. 12lbs of lean pink salmon.

do you have a pic of that jig, i might give that a try this season.

Louis Vuitton

Yeah, I don't know much about sockeye. I try to stay away from them for varioius reasons, such as starting huge fights over this forum, plus yeah, just not my thing. I do love pinks though, and they are big fish in the Fraser system, as opposed to other rivers. The pinks were visible when I wen't to scout them out. Deffinitly alot of breachers "humping" their backs out of th water. My Deas Island spot is a bit of a secret. It's not hard to find, but there is a select few of us that like to keep it not so crowded. I'm not going to post it up on here, but if you want to meet me there sometime, I'm game. The pinks at Deas Island aren't like those found in other parts of the Fraze because these Pinks are effing fresh. They come in from the ocean on the tide, so it's not like they are gross pieces when you hook them. They are bright silver bullets that do put up an amazing fight. They average about 7-10 pounds. As for your Jig experience, I've never heard of them hitting white jigs. Wierd. I know you can jig for them at my spot. Hell, you can basically use anything, but the tickets are the gold with "fire" Gibbs Crocs. It's nuts at this spot, cause you can get a pent- header, if that makes sense (five guys all into fish).

Yeah, I don't know. If you have more questions or comments, leave another message on here.

hey badboi..i don't any pic of it rright now but from the net it looks exactly like these 2 photos combined.

and of course the jighead.

Hey Louis Vuitton, I've fished Deas before as well, I remember having to "hop" a small fence to get to the spot, is this the same spot as you are talking about

Is it possible to find our own spot? What should we be looking for in the river?
Louis Vuitton

No fence hopping for me. Its part of Deas Island Regional Park where I fish, so its fully legit. What type of water should one look for? Well, basically slower water. Pinks like slower moving water, and they are really shallow fish too. Once the pinks start to show up more, I'll post a time and day when Im going to hit it up and I'll bring some of you guys out. You really don't need to cast far. Maybe 15-20 feet max.

It's like a 3 foot fence that I "hoped"
general sturgeon

hey thanks for the info i live in ladner so thats a close to home spot. i cant wait to catch my first pink. i have only ever caught rainbows and sturgeon.
BC homegrown

hey louis vuitton i want to hook up with you at deas island because i have been there 3 times now and I never even had a bite(from pinks). i am not shure if it is the spots i fish or the techniques i use or a combination of both. i am fairly new to salmon fishing but i have the basic gear. 9ft medium rod 20lb mainline 12lb leader some tackle and scooper net. im going out tomorrow early as i can wake up to try to catch the incoming tide. ill be at the first look out platform. hopefully ill be out there around 430 500 amish.
stink finger

fished the mouth of the coke with my daughter on wed there are a few pinks there already caught a couple small trout and a real small sturgeon.the upper river is a great place to catch pinks for people new to fishing.wait aweek or two and it will be fantastic ,real fishing with a float and pink ,peach wool, flies etc no flossing
Louis Vuitton

I work tomo. I'll post it up here when I'm going to head out.

hey Louis Vuitton,

whats your email...

Fishing forum > i ment any pinks in the fraser yet


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