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Went out today and fished this river by my house (basically a ditch) and caught a 5 pound cutty along with 10 others about 2 pounds. All were caught with worms under a float. Is anybody else getting this kind of luck? Anybody fly fishing for them, thinking about going out tomorrow and fishing minnow patterns for them.

Yeah i love fishing for cutties and spent my winter finding them. I would be into fishing for some. They are all over but you proba ly got lucky and found a school of them.

I know a spot that is fished like only 2 times per year and it holds HUGE cutties.Altough my biggest was 5.4lbs my friend got 7.2lbs fish.

Here's the photo idk it may be a four pounder. I'm just a kid getting into fishing and this is by far the biggest trout I've ever caught. I also had one break me off as I was only using 5 pound test.

I caught this one today on the Cap . Pretty big guy.. at least 3 lbs I would guess because someone caught a coho and it was about 1 lb maybe a bit more and like 1/3rd the side. :D

Ive got a fish scale but i wanted to let him go asap. He faught hard enough and had his pic taken. I wanted him to live.

Where on the river did u catch him if you don't mind me asking I am thinking about heading over there on Monday.

Cable pool. No one was catching much one guy who has fished the cap for years got a coho with his fly rod full sink line.. He knew what he was doing. I have my own ideas too lol. Depending what time you go i may see you there as im fishing monday too. Gl

A regular who was fishing there at the time suggested to me that maybe it blew over the damn with some recent high spill water. Possibility as I bet the upper Capilano and it's tributaries have some awesome untouched fish kicking around.

I need to use my fish scale more often indeed.

I feel kinda special too because others were fishing the cable pool all day as usual but the guy chose my presentation over everyone elses. :D

Fishing forum > Trout in our lower mainland rivers


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