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I havent heard anything from there lately did something happen?

they shocked the lake last summer. search up starting to warm up and you will see what happened

thanks i will give it a go next saturday.

good luck then

Fished it last week, pretty slow. One little guy caught

What were they caught on?Wacky rigged senkos?

nice fish

Im heading out there soon.

Last year I picked up some floating frogs bait at Riverside Tackle in Coquitlam, or is it on the Port Coquitlam side? Either way, check them out if you are in the area. BTW, no, I don't work there ;-)

I was out today trying the pond for the first time.I was using koppers live target frogs and Yum plastic worms(wacky rigged).Lots of hits on the frog but none on the worms.I didnt land any and lost 2 but oh well it was my first time.
Fishslayer if you go to the pond this may long weekend or next saturday we could probably meet up if you want.Email me if you want to.

Hey fishslayer im free monday so email me when and where we gonna meet.

I hit up Trinity this morning with some success. I was using a beaver tail Texas rigged on a small jig. I was fighting the weeds virtually the entire time. Is this something you put up with too Fishslayer? Or do you have a better set up that reduces the weed snagging?

Most people there fish weedless rigs like this

Finnaly i caught fish at Mcmillan lake!I got about half dozen pu pkin seeds and 6 bass and 4 of them were pretty good size.
It was nice meeting you there fishslayer24.


On the topic of Bass... Anyone know why at Deer lake I am only catching tiny small mouths? I am fly fishing and constantly get tiny 3 inch bass after another. It's fun but where are the big guys at? There are thousands of babies around. I tried fishing deep, shallow, different flies, etc. No big ones

Shallows as in like super shallow ( 1 ft ish?) The little guys were all around 3 ft depths by the hundreds in one spot.

I had my spin gear but didn't think the bass would go for it LOL, never tried for them before. Do spinners/spoons work in the shallow? I would have to retreive QUICK if I didn't want to snag shit that shallow

I have a lot of rubber jigs, I will use some of those

I just found this article regarding the shocking of the lake. I don't think it's been posted here before:

And this:

Unfortunatly for them that didnt work.

Was there on Saturday afternoon w/ no luck. Saw some large carp spawning against shore, but no luck w/ the bass.

On the positive side, went to Wholesale sports outdoor outfitters in Langley on the way home. Wow, that place is awesome.

HAs anyone been there lately?

Can I fishing and carry away fish from the pond. I think It is a private pond. Do I need to get someone's permission to fish there at all?


just tell the security guard and its catch and release only.

I'm a Trinity Wstern University alumni and there was an article about last summer's electrofishing in this quarter's issue of the alumni magazine.

They did it over 2 nights, July 16-17 2013, and captured 579 fish. All fish were weighed ans measured. The non-native fish were euthanized with an an anesthetic; the native fish were released.

No details given on the number, size and species of the non natives.
Fish master

caught this bass at trinity today
Fish master


Nice fish fishmaster69

A bunch of these caught when there middle of May. Now, a lot of algae taking over the place. Great fishing for kids.


Nicely done for Trinity pond. Is that at Trinity? I don't recognize the rocky bit, and the water looks super clear
Fish master

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